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NewsWednesday September 2nd, 2020

New Look on AsiaQuest Indonesia Website

Since the first time launched in 2012, there has been no change in the official website of AsiaQuest Indonesia. However, this year, together with the celebration of the 75th Indonesian Independence Day, AsiaQuest Indonesia releases a new look on its official website on August 18th, 2020. The new website has a more eye-catching design with some additional features.

Aside from the design, we refine the new website with several additional features. Thus, we can serve the clients’ needs better. The new website is available in three languages, Indonesian, English, and Japanese.

The New Features in The New AQI Website

If you ever visited our former website, you might feel the difference. The new website has a strong sense of Japanese culture, with the use of several Japanese characters like the Daruma doll and the famous Japanese ninja.

We’ve also added a wave effect at the footer to make the website more attractive and interactive. Aside from the new fresh look to entertain the eyes, we’ve designed eight menus to ease the visitors in searching for information on our website.

The Eight Menus in The New AQI Website

To ease the visitors to browse for information, we’ve built eight special menus. Please take a look at the following details:

  1. Home: main landing page, is a summary of the whole information on our website. You will find company information, services, testimonials, and other important information.
  2. About us: detail company profile, history, team, headquarters, and branch office information.
  3. Services: detailed information on our services, including web and web system development, system maintenance and support services, mobile application development, content creation, internet marketing, and SEO, and Kintone.
  4. Portfolio: in this page, you will find our previous projects
  5. News: the latest IT news to add insight into the world of IT
  6. DX: the latest information on digital transformation in Indonesia and Japan
  7. Career: information on the available vacancy
  8. Contact us: company contact information for consultation or other services

These eight menus are expected to ease visitors in finding what they need on our website faster.

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