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NewsFriday July 3rd, 2020

Starter Pack to Face New Normal in…

With the loosening of the large-scale social restrictions (PSBB), it further strengthens the impression that the new normal era will soon begin. 

So, are you ready to enter a new era of normal life?

Co-exist living or called as New normal is increasingly strong-voiced by the government. This means that you must be prepared to live your life in a new way, by implementing a series of health protocols to minimize the spread of the COVID19 pandemic.

Strict health protocols are the main requirements for the implementation of the new normal. More or less means that you must have full awareness to maintain the cleanliness of public facilities and the environment in which you are actively living. Take care of yourself to look after others is the new slogan.

New normal means you should start preparing items that you will use for yourself and never do sharing items. 

Use your tissue or sanitizer at the office

Are you ready to implement strict health protocols wherever you are?
For those of you who are about to start WFO or work from the office, have you prepared several essential items to keep you safe?

Return to work in the office certainly will not be the same as it was. With the implementation of the new normal in the office, you have to prepare some essential items or starter packs to maintain your safety during activities. 

For that, we have summarized several essential items for you to prepare before going back to the office.

Starter pack for new normal in the office

1. Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is a must. You have to provide a hand sanitizer to use outside the home. At home, you can wash your hands with soap in running water, but outside the house, you can use a hand sanitizer since it might hard to find running water in public places.

Hand sanitizers effectively kill bacteria and viruses because of the 70% alcohol content in them. Try to buy a hand sanitizer with moisturizer to moisturize your hands at the same time. Currently, hand sanitizers are easy to find in the market both offline and online, the price is now affordable even though there was a spike in price in an early pandemic in Indonesia.

Provide a hand sanitizer for yourself on your office desk. Use hand sanitizer after using the toilet or after touching public objects in your office. Before buying a hand sanitizer, make sure the alcohol content is 70% since it is more effective in killing viruses.

Selalu cuci tangan bila datang dari luar. Bila tidak ada sabun dan air, gunakan hand sanitizer.

2. Wet and Dry Wipes

For wet wipes and dry wipes, the AsiaQuest Indonesia office provides for general or joint use for all office members. But, now that the conditions are different, you should consider bringing your own wet and dry tissue.

Wet wipes can be used to wipe tables or chairs before use, wipe the door handles, etc. Meanwhile, dry tissue is usually used as a dryer after using the toilet.

3. Face Masks

Face Masks are also mandatory items. At least one person must have several face masks. Medical masks are scarce now and the price is still expensive, but you can use non-medical fabric masks with a tissue inserted to increase the effectiveness in filtering droplets.

Wearing a mask is an obligation all over the world, even non-medical masks are reported can reduce the spread of the COVID19 virus. So, don’t let yourself go out without a mask on even when you stay at the office.

Health experts in the world recommend that fabric masks be changed every 4 hours, it means that if you work in the office for 8 hours, you must at least bring one fabric mask as a backup.

Do not forget to bring a small bag for storing masks that have been used.

4. Bring Your Lunch

Usually, at lunch, office workers going out together to eat lunch at the nearest warteg or warmindo. But now it seems that that beautiful-days-of-togetherness-with-office-mate-at-lunch is over.

It is better if you bring your lunch from home or flat. Thus, you can minimize contact with others. 

However, for those who are not able to bring their lunch because there is no stove in the flat, they can still buy food at warteg or warmindo while implementing the health protocol strictly. 

For those who buy food in a warteg or warmindo, you should bring your food container. Then buy lunch to eat at the office. Glasses, spoons, and forks should also be brought from home.

5. Bring Helmets for Ojol Customers

When public transportation such as trains and buses are vulnerable to COVID19 transmission, people are now switching to alternative transportation such as ojol (ojek online). Well, those of you who are ojol customers should now be adapting by bringing their helmets.

Don’t forget to wear a jacket/long sleeve shirt, wear a mask, and apply physical distancing when using ojol services.

In Compliance with the WFO Protocol Established by the AsiaQuest Indonesia office

AsiaQuest Indonesia has compiled guidelines for employees who will work in the office. This guide complies with health protocols established by the government and WHO. Before leaving for work until when working at the office, you must adhere to the protocol below.

Protocols when traveling to work:

  1. Before leaving for the office, you must ensure that you are healthy. If you have a cough, runny nose, fever, or shortness of breath then stay at home and inform your HR.
  2. You must wear a mask when traveling to work, keep a distance when in public transportation, use a personal helmet when using ojol, and do not touch public facilities.
  3. Pay vehicle fees in noncash. If forced to use cash, use a hand sanitizer after paying.
  4. Don’t touch your face or rub your eyes with your hands. Use a tissue when you have to.
Petugas gedung sedang memeriksa suhu

Protocols at work:

  1. Check body temperature when arriving at work, office buildings do the checking temperature.
  2. You must wear a mask during work.
  3. Use your elbows or other aids when you want to open the door or press the elevator button.
  4. Do not shake hands with anyone, including clients.
  5. Employees’ seats and desks must be within a safe distance. No crowding when interacting, at meetings, etc.
  6. Use your cutlery and worship tools.
  7. Use a tissue when coughing and sneezing. Dispose of immediately in the trash.
  8. Always apply a clean and healthy lifestyle wherever they are.
  9. If you become an OTG or ODP, notify HRD immediately.
Wajib pakai masker meskipun berada di ruangan, dan tetap jaga jarak.

Protocols upon arrival at home:

  1. Don’t greet family members, take a shower and change clothes
  2. Wash clothes and masks with laundry soap
  3. Clean your cellphone, glasses, and bag with disinfectant
  4. Always maintain your healthiness, eat nutritious food and supplement if needed

That’s the 5 items that you must prepare in facing the new normal in the office. Now, are you ready? Don’t forget to always keep a safe distance by implementing physical distancing. Keep your immunity strong by consuming nutritious food and supplements if needed.

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