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NewsWednesday September 2nd, 2020

PopBox, a Zero Contact Package Delivery

Do you often afraid of shopping online just because you are afraid of meeting the courier during the COVID19 pandemic? Now, those scary feeling seems to be nonsense because you can choose PopBox. The PopBox is a contactless smart locker that allows you to receive packages without the need to meet the courier.

All you have to do is choose PopBox location and the courier will put your package inside the locker. You can take your package out of the locker at any time without the risk of in contact with another person.

Currently, PopBox lockers are spread in 14 big cities across the country with a total of 220 lockers. Aside from being a contactless locker, PopBox locker offers several other benefits. First, the locker function is not limited to receive a package, but you can use for sending package too.

As a Temporary Storage with Affordable Cost

Just like a conventional locker, the PopBox locker can be used as a temporary storage locker. If you are on a trip with a lot of carrying at the hands, you can get rid of it for a while by storing it at the PopBox locker! Thus, you can have a city trip without the hassle of carrying a lot of things on both hands.

In general, the PopBox locker has three main functions as follows:

  1. Receive/send package: you can send and receive packages from e-commerce, courier, laundry, etc. if you want to send a package, drop the package in the PopBox locker and let the PopBox team send the package.
  2. Return package: do you want to return a package from e-commerce? Your package can be returned using a PopBox locker with a real-time tracker!
  3. Coin Locker: you can store your package in PopBox locker at an affordable price. Your package is safe and locker protected with a PIN.

So, if you are not home or at physical distancing mode, choose PopBox as a package destination point. You can take the package at any time and no need to be in contact with the courier.

The PopBox locker can function as the destination point for the package. The option to choose PopBox locker can be found in several e-commerce stores as they already have a partnership, for example; Zalora, Lazada, Blibli, Elevenia, and iLotte. You can find PopBox locker at every strategic spot such as mall, station, market, mini market, offices, etc. With Indonesia now applied the new normal lifestyle, you can make good use of the PopBox locker as much as you can! Download the PopBox locker apps now in Play Store!

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