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NewsThursday January 21st, 2021

The Role and Function of The IoT…

New normal is a momentum for the Internet of Things to get on the stage and be the current center of attention. With the pandemic strikes, instead of going under, the adoption of IoT in daily life is getting stronger. The role and function of IoT in the new normal era can help society to adopt the new lifestyle.

When offices reopen and families can reunite, how we can interact with each other safely? Countries with no handshakes cultures like Japan and South Korea may experience less dilemmatic moments like this. However, Indonesia with strong handshakes cultures must find the solutions to this.

In the end, we agreed that IoT can bring a solution to the implementation of a physical distancing policy. IoT may be the right technology and strongly needed as it can be applied in various businesses that support the new normal lifestyle rules.

IoT can help humans to find a solution on how to keep the sales activities moving without having to break the law of physical distancing during the pandemic. Besides that, IoT can be applied to the recruitment process that usually required to have face-to-face interactions.

Can we see concrete examples of IoT for this era?

The first proof is in the APD integration process. After the APD integration process is conducted, we can focus on facial sanitation and face masks. If IoT can give solutions to these three, offices and face-to-face interaction post-pandemic can be done nicely.

COVID19 might not go in a short time. However, we can back to normal activities comfortably with the help of IoT. The role and function of IoT can increase the quality of human life, especially for daily activities and work life.



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