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NewsWednesday August 5th, 2020

Neurabot, the AI-based Platform for COVID19 Early…

Digital transformation in healthcare sectors is now everywhere to be found, especially when the outbreak strikes in early January 2020. It is not exaggerated to say that the outbreak has accelerated the digital transformation, especially in healthcare sectors. The government together with the IT industry are working hand in hand to develop the best possible technology to help the fight against the coronavirus spread.

A startup company lead by Indarto Neura, called Neurabot, offers an AI-based platform to create a COVID19 early detection tool. The Neurabot can detect COVID19 infection based on the chest X-Ray and lungs CT scan on patients. After that, the data will be processed with an artificial neural network basis, data mining, machine learning, deep learning, and visual learning. The result will be very specific and detail so that the accuracy is guaranteed.

COVID19 Early Detection Tool with AI Lab and My Lab

Neurabot also prepared the AI Lab and My Lab as a solution to the early detection of COVID19. My Lab is a digital laboratory platform to conduct experiments and data analysis. It is said that My Lab is the first digital laboratory platform in Indonesia. In the future, users will be able to store patient data, doing collaborative research with other researchers, and data analysis on COVID19 patients.

Meanwhile, the AI Lab function is to process data by using deep learning techniques with the patient’s disease prediction results. Just like one of AI’s characteristics, the platform can work just like a doctor’s brain in diagnosing patients.

However, the platform can be used for COVID19 patients only and cannot be used for ODG and PDP. It is because the algorithm used in Neurabot is based on lung diagnosis from a confirmed case of COVID19. But on top of that, the existence of this platform will help a lot in the early detection of COVID19 cases, with a fast and accurate result.

In 2018, the Neurabot win the Asia Hardware Battle in Tiongkok for the category of Best AI/Machine Learning. This great achievement of Neurabot has led them to finally be put together in the Fast Response Team of Task Force AI & Information Technology by the Indonesian government. Hopefully, the platform will be able to help the officials in handling COVID19, fast and secure.


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