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NewsFriday September 11th, 2020

The 3 Hottest Music Streaming Platform of…

Music is one of the digital products enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Before the digital era, people have to spend hundreds of rupiahs to buy CDs and DVDs of their favorite artists. However, the CD and DVD phenomenon is now ended since digitization arrived. Now, listening to music can be done in a music streaming platform. Now we will share the three hottest music streaming platforms of 2020 that offers more than just listening to music!

As long as you are connected to the internet, you can listen to your favorite music at any time anywhere in the world. So let’s check the list below!

1. Spotify

Spotify records an increasing number of users during the COVID19 pandemic. It is stated that subscribers to Spotify Premium now have reached 130 million subscribers, which means there are at least 6 million new subscribers compared to the number of subscribers in the fourth quarter of 2019. This great achievement has to give profit for Spotify for up to 3 billion dollars.

There are reasons why Spotify popular and one of them is the ability to listen to the songs even when we are offline or has no internet connection. If you have subscribed to Spotify Premium, you can download your favorite songs and playlists and listen to it whenever you are offline or online. 

Aside from that, there are millions of songs collections that available in Spotify. All it needs is one platform to listen to various types of music. If you want, you can share your favorite playlists in social media accounts.

2. YouTube Music

If you love free of charge services, YouTube Music can be a choice. The main feature of YouTube Music is that you can listen to music while watching the music video (MV) from your favorite artists. YouTube Music integrated with YouTube so that users can browse for various types of music and videos easily.

In addition to MV, you can also find live performances videos, remixes, covers, and other videos. If you confuse about what to listen to, YouTube Music has prepared recommendations based on locations, times, and preferences. And, if you have subscribed to the premium package, you can listen to millions of songs offline totally ads free. The cool thing about this app is that they can play the songs even when the phone is locked.

Download YouTube Music in Play Store.

3. Apple Music

Apple Music promises its users with 60 million songs to be streamed free of charge for three months! Plus, you have the freedom to access the Apple Music on any device! By any device means that the Apple Music is not exclusives only for the Mac, iPhone, and iPad users, now Android users can also enjoy the Apple Music. Download the Apple Music from Play Store!

Apple Music provides lyrics to accommodate everyone who likes to karaoke. You can listen to a trending song while reading to the lyrics. If you have memorized it enough, you can sing the song together with your favorite artists.

With the existence of these three music streaming platforms, say goodbye to boring days and welcome the colorful days! Download these three and find the best suitable music streaming apps!

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