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BlogThursday June 4th, 2020

3 Types of Digital Technology for MSMEs

The Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) have a bigger chance to creep into the top position if they are able to put a good use of the digital business process. Choosing the right type of technology for MSMEs businesses is necessary.  

What type of digital technology models that suits my business the most?

The above question is common amongst first-timer business owners. But don’t worry, we’ve breakdown 3 types of digital technology that we recommend the most for MSMEs business owners.

3 Types of Digital Technologies for MSMEs in Indonesia

For beginners, it is certainly difficult to select the type of digital technology that appropriates the most for the business. For this reason, we carefully select the three that we recommend the most for the MSMEs to grow. Please read the details below. 

1. Automation: Efficient and Budget-saving!

The traditional business system must go through several complicated manual procedures that take time, money, and energy. Not to mention the repetitive work that should be done every day, the need for technology is getting bigger.

We should admit that the traditional system with manual procedures is outdated. The world is changing and with the development of digital technology, businesses are also adapting to a new way of life. Automation as part of digital technology is the answer to faster and secure transactions.

Automation, for example, can help you in creating a better customer experience. In the past, business owners don’t really think about how important customer experience is. But now when the competition in the market is getting bigger, entrepreneurs should really think about customer experience since it is the way to engage customers with their products or services.

Implementing automation technology to do repetitive work is very possible. It is fast, secure, and scalable for both business owners and customers.  Automation has proven to be able to boost productivity for businesses. Automation can help to create a better customer experience and eventually will increase revenue. 

Interestingly, automation does not stand alone outside a system but is planted directly in your business system. Basically, the object of automation is the system. 

With everything being automated, you don’t need to worry about business processes being at risk whenever an error occurs in the system. Thanks to all advanced automation technology where you can put use on digital cloud computing as a back up in the automation system. With cloud computing as a backup, the system will run normally despite an error. While our experts in IT doing the fixing, customers can still make transactions.

Automation technology is common in the industry. Companies are using it in customer service to make fast and reliable responses. Now, MSMEs can also use automation for its customer service function to make fast and reliable responses.

Customer service call, for example, is taking benefit from automation technology. Customers don’t have to wait until the previous phone call is finished, but instead, they will be directed to the available customer service automatically. Thus, your customer service can serve several customers’ phone calls at the same time.

2. Cloud Computing: Centralized and Easily Accessible File Storage

As we mentioned earlier, cloud computing now might be the ideal solution for backing up function in automation systems. However, this is only a small example of a cloud computing function. Cloud computing certainly has greater benefits than those mentioned above. 

Before going far into the implementation of cloud computing in the MSME business, what is the definition of cloud computing? Cloud computing is an internet-based storage service that can be accessed by users freely. You only need the internet to access cloud storage

Replacing conventional storage method like folder into cloud storage method will save you so much time and cost. Store your business data and files in cloud storage where employees can access them via internet connection. This cloud-based storage is more efficient compared to conventional storage which takes more time to transfer files from one person to another.

Let us give you an example, in our company (AsiaQuest Indonesia), we use cloud storage from Google Drive to share documents, update info, and requirements. You can also use Google Drive to save important files

3. Data Analytics: Analyze Errors and Trends Automatically

And last, you can begin to look at data analytics technology to increase MSMEs’ profits. Data analytics is a technology that allows a machine or system to run an analysis process automatically. If you have spent a lot of time analyzing data and looking for a faster-analyzing method, now you can do it with data analytic technology. 

Data analytics is able to study data automatically without human intervention. As a result, the process is faster than humans with more accurate problem-solving activity. For example, creating a product, employees have the same opportunity to conduct production analysis independently. Later, employees can detect errors and measure data accurately. Data checking can also be done independently. 

The three types of digital technologies above can boost MSMEs to achieve maximum results. However, we must remember that digitization is not instant but it takes time to overhaul many business processes. 

As an IT consultant, our company can offer you a service that can help you to boost your business. Adopting digital technology such as cloud computing, data analytics, and many other, we can help you maximize your business to gain a bigger profit. Please contact us to find our detailed services!

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