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BlogThursday November 12th, 2020

Doctor’s Consultation, Check Physical Examination History, All…

BPJS Kesehatan is a health insurance program held by the government. All this time, BPJS Kesehatan membership is mandatory for every people in Indonesia. 

Indonesian people as the ‘customer’ of BPJS Kesehatan are obliged to pay insurance fees every month. However, for the less fortunate people who are unable to pay the insurance fees every month, the government will pay their insurance fee. 

As a customer of BPJS, you can use the Mobile JKN app, a mobile application specifically intended for BPJS Kesehatan customers. Have you used the app so far? If you haven’t used it, we encourage you to download it now and try the app. 

Just One App to Dig Information on BPJS Kesehatan

What you can do with the Mobile JKN app? We’ve listed some of the menus to help you understand the Mobile JKN app. 

1. Member

This menu contains personal information such as membership number, class, birth date, and health facility where the member is registered. 

2. Change Data 

You can change your personal data with ‘Ubah Data Peserta’ menu. Aside from modifying personal data, you can also request to change the healthcare facility. No need to visit the BPJS Kesehatan office branch to change the healthcare facility. 

3. Premium

This menu contains information on the premiums or contributions paid by participants. However, if you are a private company’s employees, you cannot see this record because it is paid by the company where you work.

4. Schedule for surgery

It is a new menu in the Mobile JKN application and contains information about the schedule for the surgery of the member.

5. Self-screening of COVID19

The Mobile JKN app provides self-screening for COVID19. To get the best recommendation, you need to fill in the data honestly. 

6. Doctor’s Consultation

If during the pandemic, you become worried about seeing a doctor at the hospital, you can try the online consultation with a doctor via mobile JKN app. It is the new menu intended for people who wish an online consultation with a doctor. 

7. Drugs

In this menu, you can get information about the types of drugs covered by BPJS Kesehatan. 

8. Book a service

You can book a medical examination service through the Mobile JKN app. you can reserve a seat 24 hours before operational hours until 1 hour before it closes. 

9. Physical Examination History

In this menu, participants can see their history of physical examination in a healthcare facility where they have been registered. When you come as BPJS patients, the app will record the examination, however, if you come as usual patients without BPJS insurance card, your examination will not be recorded in the app. 

10. JKN Info

This menu contains information such as registration, rights and obligations, sanctions, facilities, and benefits. With this menu, participants cannot deny they know anything because it all mentioned in the app. 

Besides all the above menu, the mobile JKN app also has another menu such as relaxation program, auto-debit inquiry, a membership registration, payment history, payment, health screening, VA Check, office location, and complaints. 

Using the Mobile JKN app will help you to gain information or using services in the right way. 

So, have you tried the Mobile JKN app? download now to gain more benefits from the BPJS Kesehatan program. 

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

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