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NewsWednesday November 11th, 2020

Digitization in Banking Opens the Access to…

Did you know that today we can open a savings account online? Thanks to banking digitization, now we don’t need to go to a branch office to open savings. Sit and relax on the sofa at home to open a savings account via mobile application.

Now, when the COVID19 pandemic strikes and everyone is encouraged to stay at home, digital technology is increasingly being used. Several months ago we may only find one or two banks that provide opening savings account online. However, now we can find more and more banks that provide such services as the competition in the digital era gets very tight.

Several banks are known to provide opening savings account online, for example, Bank BCA, Bank Mandiri, Bank BNI, Bank BRI, and Bank CIMB Niaga. The opening account online services have been granted permission by the OJK through OJK Regulation (POJK) No.12 / POJK.03 / 2018 about digital banking and video banking.

Bank BNI, which is part of the Himbara (Association of State-Owned Banks), acknowledges that there has been an increase in the account opening online since the launch of such services back in 2019. Bank BNI hopes that this service can increase BNI new customers to 5 million customers this year.

More Can Be Done Mobile Banking App

A few years ago, mobile banking apps may have limited use, such as checking account balances or transferring money. But today’s era is different, the mobile banking application is being upgraded and has a wider function.

It is directly connected to the savings account, mobile banking users can now make any transaction via mobile banking, such as checking savings balances, bank transfers, top-up e-wallet (OVO, Dana, Shopeepay, etc.), paying bills (indihome, PDAM, PLN, and many more).

It’s no wonder that now people choose mobile banking apps for its conveniences. If a mobile banking app is enough to cover all needs, then why installing other apps? 

Open a Savings Account Online using Mobile Banking

For people who wish to open a savings account, now it can be done through a mobile banking app. In the past, mobile banking could only be used by bank customers, but now people can download and install applications, and then open a savings account.

An example is opening a BCA savings account online. The method they offered is completely online, no need to visit a branch office for account activation. First of all, you only need to download and install the BCA Mobile application on the PlayStore (Android) and the AppStore (iOS). 

Follow the steps below to open a BCA savings account online:

  1. Open the BCA Mobile application, select ‘Open a New Account’
  2. Select the type of savings you want to open
  3. Complete the required documents
  4. Fill in your data
  5. Select the type of debit card desired
  6. video call with banking officer for data verification.
  7. Activate e-banking for mobile transactions through mobile app and internet banking.

It indeed easy and convenient, right? Bank BCA is one of the pioneers in opening a savings account online, it doesn’t require you to come to a branch office on the process. The debit card will be sent to your home address later.

After BCA Bank, other banks are now starting to follow by doing the same thing. So, let’s wait for breakthroughs from digital banking with their aim to make it easier for people to do banking transactions.

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Photo by Anastasiia Ostapovych on Unsplash

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