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NewsThursday May 27th, 2021

5 Best Free Apps to Master New…

Are you craving activities to fill in your free time while staying at home? There are many productive activities to fill your time while staying at home, one of them is by making use of free mobile apps to master new skills. And for that, we have selected the 5 best free apps to master new skills.

(1) Yummy App: Photo and Videos to Master New Cooking Skills 

IDN Media released a free application for everyone who wants to master their cooking skills at home. Users can try unique recipes uploaded on the Yummy App. Who knows, when the pandemic is over you might be the master at cooking!

The Yummy App featured several points. First, the recipe uploaded accompanied by photos and videos to make it easy to understand. Second, recipes are simple so they can be easy to try even for beginners. Third, you can share your recipes and be noticed by them.

Download Yummy App Play Store

(2) Duolingo: Learn English Faster

Duolingo is a mobile application that can help people to improve their language skills. With Duolingo, learning a foreign language becomes fun, effective, and no need to pay huge tuition fees like when going to study overseas.

Even at no cost, you can still access a university-level language learning method. Why learning at Duolingo is considered to be more effective? Because learning at Duolingo allows you to monitor your progress. You can check which area needs improvement.

Download Duolingo  

(3) Simply Piano: Tips and Trick in Playing The Piano

Are you struggling to learn the Piano this whole time? If so, maybe it’s time to hone your musical skills with Simply Piano. Simply Piano is an app specially designed to learn piano online. The app even once on the list of Google Play’s Best Apps of 2019. This app manages to be downloaded by more than 10 million times.

What can we do with the Simply Piano app? The app allows you to gradually learn the basics of a piano so this app is suitable for beginners. In addition, you can also choose courses that suit your musical taste. Pick the song you love most and learn to play it on the piano.

Download Simply Piano Play Store

Download Simply Piano App Store

(4) Dokter Tania: Best to Learn Plant Diseases

If you wish to improve your knowledge of gardening, the Dokter Tania app will help you. Just like humans, plants also need ‘doctors’ to maintain their health. This app will help you to recognize various kinds of plant diseases and pests. In addition, you can learn every challenge in cultivation and agriculture.

Dokter Tania app can help you to handle more than 1000 plant diseases. If you really into agriculture, you need this app. Grow abundant crops by fully terminating every plant disease and pests.

Download Dokter Tania Play Store 

(5) Coursera: IT Lovers Most Favorite App

Programming is one of the popular learning topics today. If you are interested in programming, try the Coursera app. Coursera app offers various courses, such as programming, business, arts, and design. All of this learning topics are useful for everyone who is in a fight to pursue a career.

Just like we all know, Indonesia is in high demand for IT professionals until 2025. If you wish to fill in the quota, install the Coursera app to master skills in IT. Aside from providing free courses, you can also enjoy the free learning package.

Download Coursera Play Store 

Download Coursera App Store

These 5 apps are free to download and ready to help you in learning new skills. 


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