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NewsWednesday April 14th, 2021

6 Mobile Application Design Software Tool to…

There are times when we need external stimulation to produce extraordinary work and meet the end-users need. The same thing also goes for when you are creating a mobile application design. Aside from producing an out-of-the-box concept design, you also have to be good at choosing a mobile application design that suits your intended use.  

We also made a list of 6 Mobile Application Design Software Tool to Ease your Work that each of them differentiates based on purposes, such as tool app or teams, professionals, and offline tool app. Check out the full list below. 


Axure RP: The Right Choice for Professional Designers


If you are looking for an application with near-perfect quality while providing creative freedom, the Axure RP is the answer. This mobile application design tool app supports complex design processes, such as creating prototypes, UI designs, wireframes, diagrams, mockups, and flowcharts! 

Many things we can do with this application, including creating designs from scratch to finish. It is also possible to insert coding and libraries. 

All these features will help you to create limitless application designs and the results will be better and creative. However, the tool app is more suitable for professional mobile designers. 


Download Axure RP 


Marvel: Allows Synchronization between applications  

Marvel is specifically designed for anyone who wants to create prototypes and designs. However, the tool application is suitable for a design that requires teamwork in the process. You can synchronize the Marvel application with other applications, such as Google Drive, Photoshop, and Sketch. 

In that way, the design process in the team will run more effectively, efficiently, and easily. Later, you can combine several team members’ ideas into one and/or add animation without spending extra effort.


Download Marvel Can Be Used Offline! allows you to upgrade a simple design to make it more eye-catching and elegant. The features a team line that supports creating animation on design. The animation guarantee to create a cooler and more attractive design. 

Besides that, the tool app is easy to use offline and does not require coding. If you are not familiar with mobile application design, try to rely on Marvel. Even when you work from home in a remote area where internet signals often troubled, you can still finish the design as it can be done offline. 




Origami Studio 


The Origami Studio is an application that is used to design Instagram and Facebook Messenger. The tool app developed by a team from Facebook. Interestingly, this exclusive application can be used freely and for free! 

Later, you can download the Origami app and make the most of it. After installing the app, you can connect it with both Android and iOS devices. Want to share it with clients? Record your design process, then share it. 


Download Origami Studio 


Zeplin: Seamless Collaboration between Designer and Developer


Zeplin is a tool app to help you create seamless collaboration work between Designer and Developer. Developers can work without having to wait for a design from the designer to finish. 

In other words, the tool app is highly recommended for projects with tight deadlines. You and your team don’t have to wait for each other to work on a project together. 


Download Zeplin


Sketch: Specifically for Creating Prototypes


Of the many mobile application designs tool, Sketch is probably the most widely recognized application among designers. Unfortunately, you must make a purchase to be able to use this application. With one purchase, you only need to renew the license periodically. 

Then, what are the benefits of Sketch? We recommend Sketch for modern app designers. If other applications can be used for many things, Sketch is best suited for prototyping. With specific functions, you can explore ideas to be able to make extraordinary prototypes. 


Download Sketch


Of the six application design mobile applications above, is there one that brings your attention the most? Before deciding, first, check your needs. By looking at the needs, you will definitely find the right application. 


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


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