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NewsTuesday October 6th, 2020

Google Pixel 5 Fact Check

Google has just launched its latest version of Google Pixel, Google Pixel 5. The launched of Google Pixel 5 is a green signal indicating that Google is ready to enter the battle in the 5G smartphone. Although we can still feel the euphoria of the Google Pixel 5 launch, it is still in question whether it can really compete in the market? To answer your curiosity, We have summarized the Google Pixel 5 fact checks from various sources.

The First 5G Smartphone from Google

Google Pixel 5 is the first 5G smartphone from Google. Seeing the specifications, you might have to consider this phone. Google launched Google Pixel 5 together with the Google Pixel 4A with 5G at Google’s Launch In. The event which was held on September 30 2020 is now on YouTube.

Google Removes Its Two Features

We don’t want you to get disappointed but you have to know that Google wants to bring out functionality in their smartphones with a clean and simple system. And, to that goals, Google has to remove its two features.

The first is facial recognition. Yes, Google Pixel 5 has no facial recognition features. And the second is the motion sensor that usually attached to high-end smartphones, Google decided to exclude it from Google Pixel 5. Aren’t you upset enough with Google now?

It is Not for Advanced Game

Do you wish to play advanced games on Google Pixel 5? Generally, you can still play games on Google Pixel 5, but for your information, it isn’t meant for an advanced game. Google Pixel 5 uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G that its speed is even slower than its predecessor, Google Pixel 4.

Made for the Middle-Class Income?

Instead of aiming for the upper-class income, Google seems to aim its target to the middle-class income. According to, Google will focus on the middle class because their expectation is not too high.

This time, the need for a premium smartphone is not too high. After all, Google is considered to be too early to challenge the big manufacturers, Samsung and iPhone, which are dominating the high-end smartphone market.

How Much is the Google Pixel 5?

It is still in question how much is Google Pixel 5. But rumor has it that Google Pixel 5 will be sold for 699 dollars or around 10 million rupiahs. In short, you can access various advanced features from an upper-class phone with a 5G network without having to drain your savings.

If the rumor is true, Google Pixel 5 must ready to compete with iPhone 11, OnePlus8, Galaxy S20FE, and other phones with similar specifications. However, it is uncertain at what price is the Google Pixel 5 sells in Indonesia.

That’s enough for the Google Pixel 5 Fact Check. After knowing the good and the bad, we hope you’ll be easy to choose. Do you interested in buying this 5G smartphone if it released in Indonesia?



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