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NewsFriday April 16th, 2021

MiTalk to Snatch China’s Clubhouse Fan

Twitter presents the Twitter Spaces and Xiaomi develops MiTalk to become a potential rivalry for Clubhouse. Then, how likely is the Xiaomi MiTalk to win this battle? Before answering this, let’s flashback to when the MiTalk Messenger mobile application was first released. 


MiTalk Messenger App First Released

In November 2020, Xiaomi released the MiTalk Messenger App for the first time. MiTalk was an instant messaging app and its main purpose is chatting, sharing files and videos, it even provides video calls. Unfortunately, the MiTalk Messenger App cannot win over the competition with the WeChat app which was released a year after the MiTalk app. For this, Xiaomi had to close the MiTalk app on February 19, 2021, because it cannot provide any significant developments. 

However, Xiaomi does not really mean to stop the MiTalk because not long after, they announced that MiTalk new version will soon be released. The MiTalk new version will come with a completely new concept. They no longer focus on the text-based instant messaging app, but it transformed into a voice chat-based app just like the Clubhouse app.

However, MiTalk old users cannot transfer data to MiTalk 2021. Until now, the audio-based MiTalk app is available in closed beta and only Xiaomi employees can use it.  

This audio-based MiTalk is also aiming to target professionals so that they can share knowledge with other users freely. At first glance, it feels like it’s no different from the Clubhouse, right? However, MiTalk offers features that Clubhouse doesn’t have. 

The clubhouse is blocked in China, but MiTalk can be used freely anywhere the location is. Clubhouse blocked in China for the government’s fear of abuse by Clubhouse, for example, discussed forbidden topics. 

With this ban, Xiaomi has a great opportunity to gain the attention of Clubhouse fans in China. In addition to China, will Xiaomi MiTalk also be released in other countries? Let’s keep an eye on the progress. 


Photo by Amir Hosseini on Unsplash

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