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NewsThursday August 13th, 2020

MITA the Virtual Smart Assistant from Bank…

Previously we describe VIRA from Bank BCA and CINTA from BNI, now we will describe MITA. MITA stands for Mandiri Intelligent Assistant. Just like VIRA and CINTA, MITA is a smart chatbot with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

MITA is a commitment from Bank Mandiri in adopting digital transformation to provide better services, more effective and efficient, and customer-oriented. As a virtual customer service, MITA can serve banking needs to the customers for 7×24 hours.

MITA, a Smart Virtual Assistant that Learn Users’ Habits

Artificial Intelligence technology, which has emerged in recent years, has been used in various ways. MITA also adopts artificial intelligence technology.

As a result, MITA can analyze user communication behavior and provide services according to the profile of each user. This capability is beneficial for banks to provide the best for their customers. 

Chat with MITA

MITA was developed to provide product information services, promotions, ATM, and branch locations to Bank Mandiri customers. MITA is currently available on popular chat applications such as LINE Messenger, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger. Customers can download these chat apps on PlayStore (Android users) and AppStore (iOS users).

After downloading and installing one of these apps, customers need to follow/add friend the official Bank Mandiri account @bankmandiri/@bankmandiri_officialbot. Make sure to follow only the official account with a verified account badge.

Customers who need info in their banking account can chat MITA but first please register via the Mandiri chat widget. Registration is done by entering a name, email address, and telephone number.

Smarter and More Accessible, Mita is on Whatsapp Chat

MITA is smarter and more accessible because it is now available on WhatsApp Chat. To chat with MITA, users can use the WhatsApp application on a smartphone by adding Bank Mandiri WhatsApp number 628118414000 or via WhatsApp Web by accessing Make sure that the number you chat has a green verified logo as shown below.

Two billion Rupiahs to develop MITA

MITA owned by Bank Mandiri and is made by a startup built by its subsidiary, Mandiri Capital Indonesia. The company has to spend around 2 billion rupiahs for developing MITA, fantastic!

MITA, as virtual customer service, is described as a young woman who is smart, friendly, and agile. Since its launch in 2018, MITA has served millions of people. Now, MITA can serve information requests on Bank Mandiri products, services, promotional programs, branch locations, and ATMs.

In the future, MITA will be taught to be able to serve banking transactions such as opening bank accounts, credit card billing information, credit card limits, and blocking credit cards.

mita mandiri virtual assistant

Consult Your Digital Transformation Needs with Us

Does your business adopt a traditional business style? It is sad to say that businesses now should adapt to the modern digital world in order to survive. That being said, you can’t help but start thinking about how to adapt. Digitization is absolutely necessary.

Now selling products in offline stores may not bring a lot of profit like before. Buyers are switching to online stores. Therefore, you also have to think of ways to sell products online.

Customer service is essential because online buyers will want to ask about the product before deciding to buy. Therefore, you need customer service to answer questions. 

Late in answering can lead to losing customers because customers will switch to another store who is fast-response. MITA is an example of Bank Mandiri’s swiftness in seeing customer needs for banking information that is fast and easily accessible.

Are you looking for ideas to digitize your business? Our years of experience in the IT business are our strong point to offer digital product development services. Contact us at [email protected] to find out more about the digital world!

MITA mandiri virtual assistant
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