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NewsFriday December 4th, 2020

Easy Ways to Understand Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is not a new term to our ears. We will often hear it on webinars, company info services, and/or advertisements on the internet. Even though the terms of digital marketing often milling in our lives, do we really understand the terms of digital marketing? To this, we will share easy ways to understand digital marketing.

By understanding the definitions and how it works, we ensure that you can get the benefit of digital marketing as best as possible for the sake of business. Let’s take a look at the easy ways to understand digital marketing.   


The Definition of Digital Marketing

As the name implies, digital marketing is a marketing method or advertising by using the digital platform. In the past, people use leaflets, brochures, and pamphlets for promotional purposes, now people are switching to the digital platform to advertise products and services.

Social media and/or other online platforms are some of the media that can be used for promotional purposes and are available to be used for the masses. Several types of platforms are available to choose from, such as websites, email, applications, search engines, and so on.  

To simply say it, digital marketing is all types of marketing products and/or services that use electronic devices. 


Types of Digital Marketing

There are two types of digital marketing, online digital marketing, and offline digital marketing. Yes, we understand the word digital in offline digital marketing. The fact is, digital marketing can be offline too. Offline marketing that uses electronic devices still considered digital marketing.

Offline digital marketing can be divided into four types, radio marketing, television marketing, phone marketing, and enhanced offline marketing. For the last mentioned, the enhanced offline marketing might bring confusion to you so let us explain it in a little more detail below.

Actually, enhanced offline marketing is very common and has applied to many things in everyday life. As an illustration, you may have seen a cafe that use a tablet to promote their menus to the customers. Besides that, there are companies that conduct promotions for products and services through a billboard. Although, they are not online or on the internet, this promotional method is still digital marketing as it uses electronic devices.

Then, how about online digital marketing? Online digital marketing is divided into seven main categories, it is SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, and pay-per-click advertising



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