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NewsThursday October 1st, 2020

Getting to Know The Machine Learning Engineer

A machine learning engineer is currently in great demand. The rapid development of the IT world has created new professionals with more specific skills, for example; the machine learning engineer.

According to, a machine learning engineer’s job is to create programs and algorithms that allow machines to act and think without human intervention. The machines created can learn data and experiences automatically without having to do programming continuously.

Basic skill set to become a machine learning engineer

To become a machine learning engineer requires some basic skill set. One of the must-have knowledge for a machine learning engineer is computer science and programming. 

Several programming languages are important for a machine learning engineer, for example, Python, Java, and R. As well as being familiar with these programming languages, a machine learning engineer must also understand data structures, algorithms, and the application, computability, and complexity, and computer architecture.

It is undeniable that there are so many skills that are needed to become a machine learning engineer. However, it appears that it still not enough because a machine learning engineer must also have a basic knowledge of statistics, distribution and analysis methods, formal characteristics of probability, and data modeling and evaluation.

All the above skills are needed because a machine learning engineer is a very serious job. The machine-learning engineers are required to be able to use their skills in mathematics to perform calculations, work with algorithms in programming, and closely work with Big Data to analyze large and complex data as a basis for making appropriate decisions.

Machine Learning Engineer: Hot and Fantastic Salary!

The machine learning engineer today is not much available in Indonesia. It is predicted that the machine-learning engineers will become hot employment in the future. The duties and responsibilities are worth a fantastic salary. According to, a machine learning engineer can be paid for a minimum of 25 million rupiahs! If the ability is very considerable, the company might even dare to pay double!

A career as Machine-Learning Engineer 

Machine Learning Engineer is a difficult job that is usually reserved for those who are already experienced. To become a Machine Learning Engineer you can start a career as a Data Analyst to hone your analytical thinking skills and you certainly must also be experienced as a Software Engineer.

If you are already experienced as a Software Engineer and Data Analyst/Scientist, then you must study machine learning. Continue to hone skills by attending courses and competitions.

As time goes by, new types of jobs and professions will emerge. If you want to continue your career in the IT world, then it’s good to continue to develop yourself with new skills that will be useful in the future while continuing to hone the skills you have today.

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