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NewsThursday October 8th, 2020

Have You Tried the LINE Avatar?

LINE has just released the Avatar to allow the user to turn their self-portrait into a cute avatar. Line user can share their avatar with friends in the chatting room Line. Creating an avatar from a self-portrait is also a means to hone your creativity, isn’t it?

LINE has its own reason when releasing this new feature. Line hopes that their users will be more active in doing daily interactions with each other via this instant messaging app. With avatar, Line will be more interesting and fun and you can spend more time chatting.

If it is successful, Line will accomplish its main goal of “closing the distance”. Besides that, Line wishes that making an avatar will improve users’ creativity.

Create Simple Animations with LINE Avatar

The Line Avatar comes with various editing features to create a cool and attractive avatar from a self-portrait. First, you can change faces, clothes, and backgrounds. LINE has prepared various types of backgrounds to increase the look of your avatar.

Do you wish to create avatars in animation? Good thing, you can do that! Use the ‘Animate Avatar’ to create animated avatars from the photo collection. The Animate Avatar works by turn the photo collection as if it is moving. You can adjust the movement and expression from the sequences of photos.

Aside from a personal avatar, you can also create an avatar for a group. Together with your chatting friends, you can create a unique avatar group. Once you’re done, send the avatar to the chatroom or use it as a profile picture.



Photo by Line

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