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NewsFriday February 19th, 2021

What is the YouTube SEO?

Before joining the euphoria in opening a YouTube channel, we suggest you understand the YouTube SEO. Every YouTuber, be it a vlogger, gardener, or the housewives that trying to exist in front of the camera, know the YouTube SEO first. It will help you to be prepared when entering the tight competition on YouTube to allow your channel to raise better engagement. So, what is the YouTube SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the methodology to optimize a website or web page or blog to better placed on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). In this case, the YouTube SEO refers to the effort to optimize the search engine is looking for a channel on the YouTube platform.

As a simple illustration, please take a look at the example below.

Belajar SEO Youtube

When you type the word “beasiswa Jepang” on the search column of YouTube, the platform will show the list of videos like the above screenshot shows us. What is the benefit for the YouTube channel whose videos shown by the YouTube platform?

These YouTube channels whose videos displayed on the top of the search engine will get a better chance to be seen by users. The next question is, how to get our content videos on the top of the YouTube search?

Well, you cannot deny the power of the YouTube SEO here.

The YouTube SEO doesn’t stand alone. Instead, there is step by step of optimization you need to do to get your content videos on the top of the YouTube search. So, what is the step by step of optimizing the YouTube SEO? Let’s check down below.


(1) Research on Popular Keyword 

Just like when you write an article, you will need to research popular keywords on YouTube. Knowing what’s popular now will help your video to gain some viewers. Therefore, you can have a bigger chance to increase the view video on YouTube.

Then, where do we can research the keyword? There are a lot of tools available to help you find the right keyword that has a bigger chance to bring viewers to your channels, for example, Semrush, UbberSuggest, and so on. After you find the right keyword, don’t forget to put it on the title of the video.


(2) Create Easy to Understand Description

Aside from creating the best title, you must put attention too to your video description. Use the 250 words character as best as you can to create an engaging video description. Don’t copy the description from others, create a description of yourself that contains keywords, it must be informative, and attractive. Make sure that users will get insight into what is this video, from reading the description. Don’t spill too much on the description though.

also, don’t forget to put a persuasive word to increase the engagement. You can add a link to your blog, website, and/or social media. And the last, ask your subscriber to share your videos on their social media account.


(3) Pick an Attractive Thumbnail 

After creating an engaging description video, it is always good to put on an attractive video thumbnail. Before clicking on your video, they will see the thumbnail and you must be able to catch this opportunity. Remember that not all users like to read the description as they may be visual people. With good visualization, users may be attracted to click on your videos. 


(4) Create the Right Tag

When watching a YouTube video, try to pay attention to below the video, you may see a video tag. When uploading a video, make sure to write the right tag. The right tag will help your videos to reach the right target audience.

An example of the tag is when you create a video dance cover from Korean boyband BTS, make sure to add tag #BTS #dancecover #army, and so on. 


(5) Spoil the Users with Playlist 

When you have many videos uploaded on YouTube, make sure to create a playlist. A playlist will help you to create loyal users. Users can watch all your videos without the need to move to another channel. They also don’t need to get back to the channel homepage to view the next videos.

However, you cannot create a playlist without planning. Create a playlist containing relevant videos only. If you mix videos on a playlist, users may think that your channel is spamming and will lose interest.

Applying these five steps will help you to get a better performance of the YouTube SEO. If you’re looking for the best mobile app for video editing please read “Rekomendasi Aplikasi Edit Video YouTube di Laptop 2021“. 



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