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NewsFriday November 6th, 2020

5 Interesting Facts about Programmer

When you hear the word programmer, what visual comes to your mind? Is it a person with glasses, seats all day and night in front of a laptop, and an antisocial individual? Before you get too caught up in this stereotype, let’s find out the 5 interesting facts about programmers. Then, you can tell what a real programmer looks like.


1. Is at Risk of Facial Paralysis 

Different from stroke, facial paralysis, or in the medical world also known as Bell’s Palsy can cause a temporary paralysis on someone’s face. Facial paralysis is quite frightening and is a threat for programmers. The cause of this disease is still unclear, however, some say it is due to someone’s coding habits. If you get too focus on coding, nerves become tense and vulnerable to Bell’s Palsy. 


2. Antisocial? More of Highly Committed to Work

Anti-social stereotypes because they rarely socialize are very strong in the figure of a programmer. Is it really the truth? Well, if we see them closely, programmers are just human beings.

Programmers tend to focus on computers because they are very serious about doing their job. Coding is not an easy job, but an activity that requires a high level of energy and concentration. Therefore, don’t be surprised if they look like they don’t put attention to the surroundings.

3. Stay Up Late to Meet Deadline 

Professional programmers are required to be able to complete projects on time. However, it is possible for clients to ask them to finish before the deadline. With such tight deadlines, programmers inevitably stay up late.

They often put aside personal matters to complete projects according to the client’s requests. So, don’t be surprised if you run into a programmer who looks limp from the morning. Who knows, he/she has been staying up late doing work?

4. Sometimes, They Feel Lonely

Staying hours to days in front of the computer has made programmers have less interaction with other people, it made them feel lonely. They tend to use online communication like chatting and rarely have face to face communication. Therefore, sometimes they feel lonely in this world thinking nobody will care about them.

5. Committed to Work Under Pressure

Work to meet deadlines is the daily life of a programmer. Therefore, they are not afraid of challenges in working. Under any circumstances, they will fight hard to finish their tasks. With this kind of attitude, programmers tend to survive in following the dynamic changes in technologies. 

After reading the 5 interesting facts about programmers, do you see one or two in you? If you have any other interesting facts about programmers, you can suggest us in the comment section below. 



Photo by Jefferson Santos on Unsplash

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