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NewsTuesday April 20th, 2021

5 Examples of Smart City Projects in…

Previously, we discussed the definition and concept of a smart city, please read the full review in “Smart City Concepts and Examples”. Today, we will provide 5 examples of smart city projects in Indonesia. Hopefully, you can understand the concept in depth after seeing the actual example. With the increasing need for digitization in all sectors, more and more cities in Indonesia are started their smart city project. 

Several cities in Indonesia that are known to have adopted the smart cities concept are Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Boyolali, Yogyakarta, and many more. In this article, we featured 5 examples of smart city projects across cities in Indonesia. Please check the following details. 


(5) Taman Wifi: Encourage Millennials in Boyolali to Innovate

Boyolali is a small town in Central Java that participates in the 100 smart city movement in Indonesia. And what they offer? Boyolali built Taman Wifi with the hope to encourage millennials to innovate and improve creativity especially in IT. 

The government through the smart city program aims to provide wifi in 22 villages. If the wifi network can reach the remote area, everyone will have the opportunity to connect to the internet. 


(4) JogjaBike: Provide Bike Tour in Yogyakarta

In 2018, Yogyakarta won the Smart City Award thanks to its two flagship applications, JogjaBike and Jogja Smart Service. Yogyakarta, which is popular as one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia, presents the JogjaBike apps for tourists. 

Tourists can visit many popular tourist attractions in Yogyakarta at low cost, easy access, and practical. Thanks to this application, Yogyakarta won the “Smart City Award” in 2018! If you are going on vacation to Yogyakarta, don’t forget to download JogjaBike Mobile App


(3) Matakota: In-app Interaction Between Citizens 

Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the mainstay technologies for the smart city project in Surabaya. Surabaya managed the Matakota application which functions as a citizen reporting. Aside from reporting, the public can share information on crimes, natural disasters, and information on traffic jams. 

This app is similar to a social media account called info cegatan where people usually use to report crimes, but more organized. So, residents of Surabaya will get updated information about events in the surrounding. If there is a bad traffic jam, they can take another route so they can get to their destination faster. 


(2) Jaki Super-App: To a More Comfortable Life in Jakarta!  

With the tagline “because your problem is our concern”, the Jakarta Provincial Government presents the Jaki Super-App application to improve the life quality of its residents. This super application was developed to make Jakarta residents’ lives easier, safer, and more comfortable. 

What can you do with the app? You can report issues online (JakLapor), check food prices (JakPangan), check taxes (JakPenda), and a myriad of other features. If you are confused in using the application, use Java chatbot application. This virtual assistant will help you 24 hours. For more detailed information, please read Jaki. 


(1) Social Media Mapping: Detect the Citizen Complaints from Social Media Posts

As a city famous for its creativity, Bandung Smart City is also on a different level. Most recently, Bandung managed to occupy the 28th position in the Smart City Government for 2020-2021 in the world. Bandung managed to outperform several cities in the world, such as Frankfurt (Germany), Hangzhou (China), Los Angeles (United States), Dubai United Arab Emirates, and others. 

Bandung Smart City has two main features: the Panic Button and Social Media Mapping. Social Media Mapping will analyze posts related to public services. If there is a complaint, the government can immediately resolve it without waiting for a report or complaint from the public. 


Do You Interested in Adopting Smart City?

PT AQ Business Consulting Indonesia or AsiaQuest Indonesia has experience in working on smart city projects in Indonesia. If you are planning to start a smart city program, leave it to our IT experts who are experienced in working on various projects from Japanese companies! We are ready to turn your city into a pioneer smart city in Indonesia. Contact Us Now!




Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

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