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NewsTuesday October 13th, 2020

Kintone Mobile App, Business Data Management at…

As a cloud-based business application, Kintone promotes flexibility for its customers. It means that Kintone should be flexible to be used in all types of devices, either it is a PC browser, smartphone, or tablet. The good news is that Kintone Mobile App is available!

Kintone Mobile App is suitable for every businessman that rarely stays at the office and too busy to open Kintone at PC. Kintone Mobile App is very convenient to be used with an attractive and sleek appearance, without having to reduce its main functions.

Kintone Mobile App can be downloaded from PlayStore (Android) and AppStore (iOS). If you haven’t use the Kintone Mobile App, you can download it here.

Access to Kintone Dashboard via Kintone Mobile

Kintone Mobile App provides easy and fast access to the Kintone dashboard. Once logged in, you can see the Kintone dashboard conveniently as the appearance from desktop to mobile is adjusted perfectly. You will never any latest information and announcements from the office as you will see it right from your dashboard.

Long Table? No Problem

In Kintone, tables usually presented adjusting to the width of the PC screens. But in the mobile app, those tables with long width is not a problem since you can slide the phone screen to the left side of your screen to see all the information on the tables. No need to reduce the font size that will only hurt the eyes to see.

Real-time Notifications

Are you a super busy individual that you no longer open all apps that installed on your phone? No need to worry about this because Kintone Mobile App will send notifications for any important updates from the office. Slide down the phone screen to read detailed information and one tap to enter to Kintone Mobile App.

Review Project, Approval, Submit Request: All from the hands

Accessing Kintone from a mobile app will never make you lose its main functions as a high productivity cloud-based application. Review project, approve the day-off request, submit travel expenses, and many other things can be done with Kintone Mobile App. Those who always on a long business trip can do the administrative tasks as easily as flipping the back of the hands.

So, have you tried the Kintone Mobile App? We guarantee that works will become faster, easier, and seamless without having to put much effort into an administrative task or management task. We highly recommend you to subscribe to Kintone and feel the benefits of Kintone for your business. Contact [email protected] or click here to sign up for our 30 days free trial program!

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