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BlogTuesday June 2nd, 2020

Kintone Best Features to Increase Productivity

Does your company invest in complex, less practical, and high-cost systems? If the answer is yes, then this is the right moment to get to know several Kintone’s best features. As a cloud service, Kintone allows every element of the company to work productively, practically, quickly, and even mobile. Even when you Work from Home, task management and workflow can be easily handled. 

Kintone features that effective in increasing productivity

Kintone has several features that are useful to help employees work. Employees will find it easier to innovate and/or completing work or projects. We’ve summarized six of Kintone’s best features that were allegedly effective for increasing employee productivity.

1. Drag and Drop to create database apps

The features have broken the myth that creating database apps is complicated and full of trouble. Kintone allows you to create database apps by simply drag and drop. You can do your work in simple steps.

Also, if your important database is formerly created in excel/CSV, you can turn this excel/CSV database into apps in Kintone! Simply import your excel/CSV database to Kintone, apps can be created based on columns in excel/CSV. In that way, you can save a lot of time because you don’t need to re-input the data.

2. Do you need to do process management as in administration work? Sure you can do it!

Kintone is a reliable cloud service to cover works related to sales. Handling approval or creating a quotation for the customer can be done in Kintone. The purchasing division will create invoice/purchase order/order confirmation in Kintone before being sent to the customer. 

Aside from sales works, Kintone is very possible to do administrative works. Kintone can handle important documents proposals and managing employee database. All those paperwork is now paperless work in Kintone. 

3. Create a Graph Chart in a blink of an eye

If you have a subscription to Kintone, don’t be afraid to explore its features. You need to understand and mastering its features to fully put Kintone to its potential use. All those troubles in handling database will no longer be a trouble if you use Kintone. Also, creating a chart from the database is now as easy as a blinking eye. Just run a few commands as instructed to create a chart! 

4. Customization in an existing application 

One of the many benefits of using Kintone is you can do customization in existing apps. Thus, Kintone gives you a chance to create innovation and develop your business. An app created in Kintone is highly possible to be customized and developed by using JS API dan CSS. What APIs are available in Kintone? Well, you can use Event Handling, Events, Get Data, Plugins, Others (Kintone Proxy). 

Besides that, you can use Kintone Rest API for process create/retrieve/update/delete in apps. If you need to retrieve the application description and manipulate Spaces, you can also use Kintone.

5. Access the company’s information/news wherever you are!

For employees with high mobility that you rarely set your foot in the office, now you can be relieved since you will never miss the latest information anymore. Kintone allows you to access information easily, no-hassle, anywhere at any time. With the internet access and smartphone at your hand, you can easily check on the latest updated information about projects and/or other works in Kintone.

6. Kintone mobile version is available! Access Kintone from your smartphone!

As now Kintone available in the mobile version, it means that spaces are no longer matter. Download kintone app in Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS) and enjoy the hassle-free features wherever you are. The data in Kintone mobile app will be updated automatically whenever the administrator makes changes to the system (Synchron).

We believe that Kintone best features above can help you to achieve productivity. Features in Kintone are specially designed to be easy to operate even for people who are not familiar with IT. Therefore, Kintone is a favorite app for companies to increase productivity in running a business. 

Kintone is now available in Indonesia. You can try to register for a free trial for 30 days, click here to try a free trial. Join our free trial and enjoy the hassle-free features to boost your productivity!

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