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BlogTuesday December 8th, 2020

Cybercrime is on the Rise during the…

COVID19 pandemic has increased the number of internet users. The changes in the way people interact with each other, from offline to online interaction, is due to the spread of the new coronavirus. However, whether we realize it or not, the increasing number of internet users is followed by an increase in cybercrime.

Cybercrime is not a new term, it has been with us since the rise of the internet two decades ago. However, in this period, where millions of people are flocking the internet, these people might new to the world wide web and may not know the dangers behind it, the cybercrime. Therefore, we will show you some facts about cybercrime below.

Gone All Over The Web in 2000

If this year is the first time you hear about the word ‘cybercrime’, it doesn’t mean that it is a new thing. The fact is, cybercrime has already with us for two decades, the ’00s is where we often heard the word ‘cybercrime’. 

However, the first cybercrime happened in 1988 where at that time, almost 10% of computers all over the world that was connected to the internet were completely shut down from the virus made by cybercriminals. 

According to, cybercrime in Indonesia is in second place after Japan. This is definitely not a good achievement, because it means that the cybersecurity in Indonesia is very low and therefore, needs to be increased. Especially now when we see a huge number of additional internet users in Indonesia during the COVID19 pandemic. There are more people that need to be protected from cybercrime.

The Definition of  Cybercrime

Cybercrime is an act of criminal using the internet. Cybercrime is usually intended for personal gain and causing harm to other people. 

Cybercrime is often involving highly-skilled IT users and targeting less skilled IT users, such as kids, the elderly, new internet users, etc. 

Types of Cybercrime 

There are many types of cybercrime in the world now, but generally, the most popular one is just like the following. 

Unauthorized access

Literally, unauthorized access means trespassing into a computer without consent. These trespassing acts committed by unauthorized individuals, or, we can say it as illegal access. 

This illegal access is carried out after the cybercriminals break into the target’s account, stealing credentials, etc. Victims are suffered from losing accounts, data, and/or money. 

Illegal Content

Illegal content is a type of cybercrime that displays misinformed content, fake, illegal, and dangerous. An example of this crime is HOAX, which we often find in the internet community. To face HOAX, people need to be educated on the importance of cross-checking broadcasted content.

Hacking – Cracking

Hacking and cracking is an example of cybercrime that the criminals on the internet mostly committed to. Hacking and cracking is an act of hijacking accounts, websites, spreading viruses, etc. The criminals committed to hacking and cracking for financial gain, revenge, or pure personal satisfaction. 

Data Forgery

Data forgery is a relatively new type of cybercrime. This is an act of falsifying data in important documents that are stored as scriptless documents. An example of this case is the duplication of the BCA internet banking web,

The criminals duplicated the website, and it was very similar to the real one, even though it was fake, even the website address is similar, for example,,, and These fake domains aim to trick users to enter their username and password. From this stage, the credential is stolen. 


Carding, just like its name, is a type of cybercrime that involved credit card users. The criminal has the credit card data of their target. They use credit card data to make illegal transactions. To anticipate carding, credit cards now is protected with multilayer protection systems such as 3D secure, chip, and PIN. 

Data Theft

In the digital transformation era, data is an important asset. Therefore, data is a target of cybercrime. Data theft is now on the rise, whether it is for personal use or to put it on sales on the dark web. 

Cyber Espionage

Cyber espionage is the act of spying on other people using the internet network. Cyber espionage is carried out to steal government and/or military important data by using a proxy server. 

After knowing the facts about cybercrime, hopefully, we can all be careful in using the internet. We can’t let you fall to victims of cybercrimes.

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