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BlogTuesday June 8th, 2021

MSMEs Digitalization Under The Threat of Cyber…

The digitalization journey in Indonesia may still far be done as there are obstacles that need to be tackled. One of them is cyberattacks. Cyberattacks are the biggest challenges for digitalization and they even are the biggest issues for the MSMEs (Small, Micro, and Medium Enterprises). Security issues are the biggest concern for every business online. 

As quoted by, Chairman of the Communication and Information System Security Research Center (CISSReC) Pratama Persadha revealed that digitization can eliminate business barriers on SMEs which will ultimately have an impact on the country’s economic growth.

Cyber ​​Attacks is The Biggest Issues for Digitalization in Indonesia

Unfortunately, it should be admitted that the biggest challenge of digitalization is cybersecurity. The increasing number of digitalization means that there is also an increase in cyber attacks.

Digital stores are different from physical stores, so the security treatment to be applied is also different. Digital stores can be accessed by anyone connected to the internet. Today’s digital stores can provide more benefits because they are connected to an online market with a wider network reach.

However, digital stores are also vulnerable to digital security issues. Passwords and a series of online security layers are available that function as a gate to prevent other people from entering the online store. However, it does take ongoing efforts to prevent online stores from being attacked by cybercriminals.

Phishing is Still a Favorite of Hackers

Phishing is a fairly ‘outdated’ cyberattack method but is still being used by cyber attackers. The reason is that this technique of phishing is still effective in tricking victims. Phishing is generally used to take over an account.

Phishing that is often used is to send an email pretending/impersonating a known institution or a person and trying to persuade the target to provide a password to log into an important account they owned, it could be an email account, social media account, bank account, etc.

When the credential is stolen, the account owner may lose his/her account. Hackers can use the stolen account for various purposes, depending on what account was stolen. 

Unfortunately, there are a lot of internet users who do not understand the types of cyberattacks, even phishing as the simplest method among them. 

MSMEs Need to Understand the Cybersecurity Measures

MSME who are just entering the digital world also needs to be given knowledge about the dangers of phishing and cyber attacks in general. Standard security measures such as encryption to secure site data also need to be provided to MSME. Data encryption plays an important role in protecting the data when the account is stolen.

Other standard security measures are securing sites with SSL certificates (Secure Socket Layer), using paid and updated antivirus, and implementing a firewall.

These security measures are preventive measures in nature. MSME that has just entered the digital world needs to know these security measures to protect their business from the dangers of cyberattacks.

IT Consulting Companies That Always Ensure Cybersecurity

When asking for help from an IT company to develop a website or web system, make sure that they understand very well about cybersecurity. What happens if you create a website without applying a qualified layer of security to the website?

If your website lacks security, then it will be vulnerable to cyberattacks. The dangers of cyberattacks can be even more damaging than what is described above. Therefore, look for an IT consulting company that is trusted, reliable, and qualified in creating websites and web systems with high-quality security standards.

Are you looking for an IT consulting firm with these qualifications? AsiaQuest Indonesia always strives to meet client expectations with web development services and web systems as well as mobile applications with high-quality security standards. Contact AsiaQuest Indonesia for more information.


Photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash

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