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NewsFriday April 16th, 2021

5 Majors for Technology Enthusiast

A person’s love for something can be a free pass to achieve a brilliant career, including for Technophile (technology lovers). Technophile in today’s era tends to have a lot of options available when it comes to employment. After all, the luckiest people are those who can work on the thing they love the most, do you agree? Therefore, for all technophiles in the world, we have listed 5 majors you can take in the universities so that you can do what you love while pursuing a career! 


(5) Game Design and Development 


If you claim to be a game enthusiast, you can major in game design and development! The existence of this department is proof that loving games does not always bring negativity. If you are good at playing games, why don’t try to design and develop your own game? 

If you try hard enough, Game Design and Development quite promising. Remember the Free Fire games that peaking the top position during the COVID-19 pandemic and making its creator be the new crazy rich ASEAN? For your information, the sudden increase also due to the increasing number of internet users in Indonesia. 

By studying game design and development, you can have a career as game developers, GUI designers, animators, 3D designers, and others.


(4) Mobile Application and Technology 


Mobile Application and Technology (MAT) is a relatively new department, but it is very much in demand by students, especially the department of mobile application and technology at Binus University! The popularity of this department is not without reason. The need for human resources in mobile application development is increasing in line with the growth of digital transformation. As reported by, mobile device users in Indonesia allegedly reached 195.3 million users. 

With the increase in mobile device users, human resources who master mobile applications and technology are needed. To meet the human resource needs for mobile applications, the Mobile Application and Technology (MAT) department was born. 

While majoring in MAT, you will learn about mobile technology, develop mobile applications or programs to implement them in business. Later, you can develop and create mobile applications that are needed by the community. 

If you take this major, you can work as a mobile developer in e-commerce, startups, and cross-sector companies that are focusing on digitization. 

(3) Mechatronics


The mechatronics department might be rarely known to people in Indonesia, however, it is very popular abroad. Mechatronics is a course for anyone who wishes to learn about mechanics, electronics, and informatics. If you study mechatronics, you can work in the aviation, manufacturing, automotive, production, and other automation systems industries. 

Mechatronics was first initiated by the Yaskawa Electric Corporation from Japan in 1969. In fact, this kind of science is quite limited to designing products that require a high level of precision such as optical devices and clocks. 

But along with the times, a new branch of science was born, namely informatics. The new branch of science allows graduates to design products using computers. In the future, you are required to be able to create machines that can work automatically. 


(2) Biotechnology 


Technology can be applied in various fields, including in the chemical industry. Now, many developed countries have used technology to improve the quality and efficiency of the chemical industry. So, if you like technology as well as living things and chemistry, choose biotechnology. 

Biotechnology allows you to use technology to carry out research on various objects, such as living things and their products. Later, you can carry out research on the biochemistry, microbiology, genetic engineering, and other industrial objects. 

When you graduate, you can work in private companies and government agencies as a researcher. Are you looking to start your own business? You can do it too. 


(1) Visual Communication Design (DKV) 


If you like technology and have a high level of creativity, Visual Communication Design (DKV) is the right major for you. DKV graduates can work as graphic designers, animators, illustrators, video editors, and others. Later, you can work at startups, media, to creative industries. 

So, what will be learned in DKV? Well, you will learn how to visualize messages (communication) to be more informative, creative, and effective. In practice, you must be able to take advantage of various components of art to be able to convey messages, such as letters, colors, shapes, etc, so that they can be seen and read. 

In simple terms, you will be taught a variety of the simplest materials such as posters and logos to the most difficult ones, such as videos and animation. Graduates are highly demanded by current digital industries considering the increasing number of people who work as content creators, YouTubers, and influencers.  

With so many majors and professions to choose from, technophiles don’t have to worry about the future. If you decide to study in one of the five majors above, you can work in a field that you like in the future. 




Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash


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