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NewsTuesday April 6th, 2021

Indonesian campus that Offers Major in Mobile…

As we know, the Indonesian economy is currently in a transition from a traditional economy to a digital economy. Therefore, Indonesia needs many young talents who are experts in IT technology. With such promising prospects, it is not surprising that campuses with the Mobile Application and Technology (MAT) department are flooded with applicants. 


How is that so? Mobile Application and Technology majors are still rare in Indonesia. Therefore, graduates from this department are highly demanded by major corporations to work in IT. If you are interested in working in IT, try to apply major to the Mobile Application and Technology. 


Binus University Offers Major in Mobile Application and Technology 

One campus in Indonesia that offers the Mobile Application and Technology major is Binus University. The department, which accepted its first batch of students in September 2011, has proven to produce highly competitive graduates that are demanded by companies. 


As quoted from, companies have started to recruit students majoring in Mobile Application and Technology of Binus University from the second semester, or six months after taking classes for the first time. We must ensure that currently there is a quite large demand for graduates from the department. It is no surprise though, the curriculum set the students to be able to create mobile apps since the third semester. 


The Future for Mobile Application and Technology Graduates


If you take a major at Mobile Application and Technology of Binus University, you will study three main courses, Programming, Current Mobile Technology, and Mobile Entrepreneurship. You will learn the programming technique as well as knowing the latest mobile technology. In addition, the Mobile Entrepreneurship course will also help you in developing a business based on mobile applications and technology. 


The graduates of the Mobile Application and Technology of Binus University is expected to become an expert in mobile industrial companies and a mobile application and technology entrepreneur. In other words, the graduate expected to become an initiator and the main player in the Indonesian mobile industry!

If you want to join them, please visit their official website at



Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash


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