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NewsFriday October 16th, 2020

Interesting Facts about the Miyavi Project 3.0

Japanese Rockstar, Miyavi, has pushed their creativity to let people enjoy music in the pandemic. Miyavi has held the Miyavi Project 3.0 for their loyal fans. The Miyavi Project 3.0 is a virtual live Miyavi music show that uses technology and digital art.

In this project, Miyavi combined music, digital arts, and technology to perfecting their virtual live performance. Aside from digital art, Miyavi also added a drone footage clip to their show. Can you imagine how cool is the virtual live Miyavi?

The unusual combination has created a luxurious and spectacular music show. Thanks to Miyavi Project 3.0, fans can enjoy online music show just like watching a live concert!

Background Behind the Miyavi Project 3.0 

Miyavi, as Osaka born musician, wants to introduce a new experience of enjoying music. During the COVID19 pandemic, the live concert is impossible as it can spread the new coronavirus. He also had to cancel to record his new music video (MV) because the US hasn’t shown any improvement due to the new coronavirus impact. 

This condition has led Miyavi to his spectacular idea, breaking the boundaries to not surrender with the pandemic. Miyavi then understood that technology is the only way he can meet his fans. Therefore, Miyavi produced more and more virtual content. From here, Miyavi Project 3.0 was born. With a little team, Miyavi can finish this project.

Production of the Miyavi Project 3.0 

The project was successful with zero face to face interaction. Miyavi records footages by using several cameras. The footage was then processed into the 3D frame by frame. He also used Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to perfecting his work. 

He recorded his video in Japan. This video was then sent to the US to be processed by the team. The film director, David Cihelna gave his direction online. During the production process, all teams communicate via the zoom video app. 

Miyavi Project 3.0 has given us an example that content production can be done online. In the future, we can do more online production (maybe) as it can cut the production cost!



Photo by May S. Young (ChairWomanMay), CC BY 2.0, Pranala

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