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NewsWednesday February 17th, 2021

6 Most In-demand IT Jobs of 2021

Entering 2021, there are six jobs in IT that known to be in high demand and promises  big in reward. What are they? Look at the details below. 


(6) Database Administration

Have you ever heard of the database administration job? The database administrator can bring the efficiency of human resources for the companies.

Database administrator plays a double role to manage the server as well as optimizing the work. The database administrator must ensure that the app uses to manage the database can be accessed easily and effectively.


(5) Cloud Architect 

When the businesses are moving from offline to online, organization and companies needs the cloud. The increasing number of cloud users also increase the need for cloud architect to manage the technology. Aside from managing the cloud, the cloud architect also plays a role to build and support cloud development.

To become a cloud architect, you need to master special skills, such as programming, security, and networking


(4) IT Talent on Data Security 

Considering that many businesses now moving online, the need for IT talent on data security is getting bigger. IT professionals in security will ensure the security for data, prevent data stealing and/or information on organizations, and/or companies.

It is important to note that during the COVID-19 pandemic, cybercrime is increasing. Therefore, the need for IT talent in data security is highly needed now. 


(3) Mobile Applications Developer 

For the last few years, headhunter has been searching for mobile applications developer. This job is predicted to be in need in 2021. It is mainly due to the increasing number of mobile app development projects. Therefore, mobile applications developer will be in high demand especially them who excellent in developing a mobile app for various devices.

However, to fit in this job, you must have knowledge and skill in HTML, XML, Android, iOS, and many more. 


(2) Network Administrator 

One job that also important in the IT world is the network administrator. The main task of the network administrator is managing the software, hardware, and network. If there is an issue, the network administrator will have to find the source of the issues as well as the solution.  

When looking for a network administrator, the company must look for someone with good analytical thinking, good communication skills, and loyalty in working. 


(1) Programmer Analyst

Programmer Analyst is a high-level job and is predicted to be in high demand for 2021. Programmer analyst is close with the project manager and their tasks are complex. A programmer analyst must do coding and designing a program that suits the client’s request. Besides that, they will have to design a program in a diagram or other types of design.  

After seeing these six jobs that predicted to be in high demand for 2021, do you find one that fits your skills and abilities? If you find one, why don’t try to apply to the dream company? Who knows you might be the one they need? 



Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash


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