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NewsThursday September 24th, 2020

Meet The 5 Tokyo-based IT Startups

The southeast Asian countries are now very excited about growing IT startups and it turns out that the same excitement also applies to Tokyo, Japan. As a country where technology is highly adopted, we can put a high expectation to these 5 Tokyo-based IT startups. By doing so, what products and services are developing by these 5 Tokyo IT startups?

All we know is that these startups are actively developing IT products and services, from drone until building an application for ADHD patients! If you interested in starting a startup business, you can learn from these 5 Tokyo IT startups.

5. Aeronext Inc.

Drone lovers shall familiar with the big name of Aeronext Inc as this startup company focus on solving problems that often face by drone users. Currently, they are in the middle of developing a landing and take-off system vertically.

Aeronext Inc once becomes a finalist in the Slush Tokyo 2019 competition. This shows that the growth of the startup company that founded on April 11, 2017, is waited by everyone. Under the command from CEO Keisuke Toji, how would likely is the future of Aeronext Inc?

4. Cinnamon

When heard the word ‘Cinnamon’, can you guess what products they develop? The company that founded in 2012 is developing an AI-based platform (artificial intelligence). With the platform that is being developed by Cinnamon, you can extract unstructured data automatically.

In that way, a company can run efficiently and grow rapidly. For this reason, Cinnamon started its expansion to the American market. Do you wonder who is behind this startup? Well, Cinnamon is founded by  Dr. Hajime Hotta, Miku Hirano, and Yoshiaki Ieda.

3. HoloAsh

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) will no longer an obstacle for the survivor to reach a successful career. A Tokyo based startup called HoloAsh creates a virtual assistant specially build for ADHD survivors. ADHD is a mental disorder where the survivor has difficulties to concentrate.

The HoloAsh founder, Yoshua Kishi, develop a mobile application to help the ADHD survivor to create an organized life. The company has ADHD survivors so that they knew what the ADHD survivor needs the most. One of the biggest achievements made by HoloAsh is when they become a finalist of the Accenture HealthTech Innovation Challenge. The application has opened up our eyes that technology can be created for medical purposes.

2. 600

If we talk about Japan, we can’t miss the technology for shopping purposes. All this time we have seen and amazed by how advanced the vending machine in Japan is. The vending machine in Japan sells various products, from drinks, snacks, books, and even eggs. Now, you will be amazed by a product by 600, a startup founded by Kei Kubo in 2017.

600 made a small kiosk almost like a refrigerator and place them in the office area. The concept is similar to the honesty canteen since they have no staff. The cool thing is, they accept a noncash payment so that people can shop comfortably.

1. Yper Inc

Yper Inc is a startup company that currently under the spotlight. Even when the COVID19 pandemic strikes, Yper Inc getting more spot of attention in Japan. What you should know is that Yper Inc is behind the contactless delivery bag OKIPPA. OKIPPA is a combination of mobile apps and a shipping bag.

The birth of the OKIPPA bag due to redelivery cases in Japan. Packages were put into redelivery when the receiver was not at home when the courier delivers the package. In the name of efficiency, OKIPPA was born. Courier can put the package inside the OKIPPA bag and the delivery process is done without the need to meet the receiver. Courier will send a notification that the package is delivered. In this way, OKIPPA is a solution for delivery services during the COVID19 pandemic. Please read the detail information in “

After seeing a list of 5 IT startup companies in Tokyo, you must be even more excited to start your own company, right? Especially now when the government pushes the adoption of digital transformation in Indonesia, everyone has the chance to build IT startups. And by doing so, as an experienced IT consultant, we are ready to support your business with digital transformation. Contact us immediately for more details.



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