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NewsMonday February 22nd, 2021

Leveraging IoT to Increase Efficiency in The…

The Indonesian government is increasingly implementing the 4.0 technology on its agencies under management. Now, PT Perusahaan Gas Negara Tbk (The Indonesian State Gas Company) is leveraging the IoT technology to increase efficiency on its business management.

PT PGN is the sub-holding of gas and part of holding oil and gas Pertamina. PT PGN manages 96% of the natural gas infrastructure. Can you imagine how big the duties that PT PGN holds in managing the gas supply and distribution to all around Indonesia?

Therefore, to increase the quality of the services from the company, PT PGN adopt sustainable smart utility technology with the aim to increase the efficiency of operations and services of natural gas. The smart utility used is 4.0 technology-based and is considered to be sophisticated and reliable to maintain the continuity, quantity, and quality of the gas distribution.

Technology to Increase Infrastructure Reliability and Service Life

The Director of Infrastructure and Technology of PT PGN Tbk, Redy Ferryanto revealed that there is a lot of PGN asset that aged quite old. And then, the fiber-optic network owned by PGN that lies along the Java Island to Singapore is the backbone for the smart utility technology of PGN used for maintenance and transmission of asset management, that is expected to be developed to all corner of Indonesia.

The revolutionary smart utility technology also reliable enough when used for maintenance of the pipeline infrastructure that lies in the middle of the jungle and/or under the sea and is difficult to reach in the normal way.

The use of 4.0 technology is improved for natural gas conversion purposes, pipeline-free natural gas distribution, exploration of alternative gas sources, and creating services and products that are relevant to customer needs.

Leveraging IoT and Big Data to Increase Competitiveness 

Through its new program, Sapta PGN, the companies try to leverage the IoT and Big Data to increase competitiveness in the natural gas business.

The number of PGN customers is increasing in various regions of Indonesia and encourages the company to develop technology on every side and corner.

One of them is the Automatic Meter Reader (AMR) used to replace manual input of gas consumption data for industrial, commercial, and power plant customers. This AMR technology overcomes problems such as waste of electricity, recording using the GPRS model, and system unreliability.

AMR features a power saver to save power, remote monitoring for surveillance, and an efficient modem.

Apart from the above technologies, PT PGN uses many other technologies to manage and distribute state gas to the public. The use of 4.0 technology such as smart utilities is the main foundation for PGN to achieve the successful utilization of natural gas in all sectors.

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Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

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