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BlogMonday January 4th, 2021

The IoT that Thrive during the Pandemic

Pandemics are often said to have accelerated the adoption of technology. One type of technology that has grown rapidly in use during the pandemic is IoT. From the beginning of the pandemic until now, the development of IoT has been increasingly encouraging.

There are at least three sectors where the use of IoT is increasing, health, agriculture, and energy. This was stated by the Chairman of the Indonesian IoT Association (ASIOTI), Teguh Prasetya, who also revealed that digital healthcare grew rapidly during the pandemic. 

Health Sector

The IoT is growing rapidly in digital healthcare. We can see it such as in thermal detection and remote monitoring.

Thermal detection is an IoT device to detect body temperature. The device will automatically detect body temperature in a large area of people. Individuals with temperatures above normal will trigger the system to give a warning.

And, in the remote monitoring system, the device is used to monitor people in the crowd. People with certain criteria, for example not wearing a mask, or not maintaining a safe distance, will be immediately detected by the IoT device and trigger the system to give a warning.

Agricultural Sector

The agricultural sector also marks rapid growth with the help of IoT. The IoT technology involved in the agricultural sector is the use of a remote monitoring system. 

As we all know, it is difficult to place people specifically to monitor the large area of farms, therefore, IoT sensors are used instead. 

Energy and Manufacturing

The next sector that is engaged in using IoT is energy, be it water, electricity, or gas,  IoT is used to monitor operations in the energy sector.

The manufacturing sector is indeed one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic. It was briefly closed and stopped production due to the coronavirus. The pandemic has forced manufacturers to apply IoT-based technology to create a safe and healthy environment during the pandemic.

ASIOTI Strive to Push for IoT in Indonesia

ASIOTI strives to continue to drive the growth of IoT in Indonesia. In 2020, they are working hard to create an IoT ecosystem by collaborating with the public, private, academic, and government sectors.

In the public sector, ASIOTI strives to develop creative, productive, and innovative communities. They also regularly provide education on both theory and experience to improve skills.

In the private sector, ASIOTI carries out business matching programs. ASIOTI seeks to make it a facilitator to accelerate the process of implementing IoT in the private sector. Whether it’s in terms of devices, networks, platforms, to solutions.

In the academic sector, ASIOTI sees that academics have contributed a lot in terms of research and development, creating local content developers, education, and certification.

Meanwhile, in government, ASIOTI is actively involved with the government in creating ecosystems and making joint policies that are friendly to ecosystems and the public to support the 4.0 industrial revolution.


Image by: Pixabay

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