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NewsThursday July 8th, 2021

IoT-Based Eco Aerators to Help Increase Productivity…

For years, shrimp pond farmers (petani tambak udang) in Indonesia have been facing a major problem in production. This issue has prompted a group of ITS students and alumni to create an IoT-based Eco Aerator that aims to increase the productivity of shrimp pond farmers in Indonesia.

The team from ITS designed an environmentally friendly Eco Aerator powered by IoT technology. This Eco Aerator device is equipped with various sensors that function to maintain the stability of dissolved levels and optimize the environmental conditions which are expected to later increase the productivity of shrimp ponds.

Unlike the conventional aerators that use diesel as the main power source, the team claims that their smart IoT Eco Aerator is environmentally friendly from the use of solar power as the main power source. They also planted a windmill in the IoT Eco Aerator to let the shrimps get enough supply of oxygen.

The IoT Eco Aerator made by the country’s children is quite promising for the affordable rates they offered and the benefit of saving operational costs. It is also in line with the government’s plan to increase the productivity of shrimp pond farmers in Indonesia.

The IoT Eco Aerator team optimistic that their products have a great opportunity to be developed even better especially with the fact that they have no competitor in the market for now. 

AsiaQuest Indonesia Supports IoT Development in Indonesia

AsiaQuest Indonesia is a trusted IT consulting company in Indonesia. Over the years, AsiaQuest Indonesia has served hundreds of clients in the areas of website development, web systems, mobile applications, internet marketing, and digital transformation.

AsiaQuest Indonesia did not make Eco Aerators nor related to it, however, AsiaQuest Indonesia has now started the IoT business and is ready to become a strategic partner for every company in Indonesia that aims to develop IoT. With Japanese-standard technology, AsiaQuest Indonesia is committed to providing high-quality services and outputs. Contact AsiaQuest Indonesia for more information. 


Photo by E H on Unsplash

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