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NewsFriday September 25th, 2020

How to Get Free Internet Quota for…

Given the high demand for internet access for online schools, the Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia will provide a subsidy for internet quota. This free internet will be provided to students in schools and universities, teachers, and lecturers to support their online learning activities. The amount of this subsidy is different for each category. 

For students at schools, the Ministry of Education and Culture will provide a quota subsidy of 35 GB per month. Meanwhile, teachers at schools will receive 42 GB per month, while students and lecturers at the universities will receive 50GB per month. The Ministry provides this subsidy by using the education reserve fund in the 2020 APBD with a value of IDR 7.2 trillion. 

As quoted by AQI from, the Ministry of Education and Culture has recorded the number of schools implementing online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. The details are 764 schools in the green zone, 6.238 schools in the yellow zone, 12.124 schools in the orange zone, and 1.840 schools in the red zone. 

Asides from the free quota program, the Ministry of Education and Culture asked the telecommunication service providers to maximize signal during study hours so that online learning can run well. 

How to Get Free Internet Quota for Online Learning

Ministry of Education and Culture collaborates with schools to process the disbursement of free internet quota. The school conduct data collection of the student’s cellphone number according to the NISN, name, and phone number. After that, the school will verify the data collected and signed by the school principal.

After being signed by the principal through the integrity pact, the data must be uploaded to Basic Education Data (Dapodik). The Center for Data and Information Technology for Education and Culture of the Ministry of Education and Culture is also in charge of processing the data.

They separate the phone number based on telecommunication service providers and then send the number to each provider. And then, the telecommunication service providers will send the free internet quota to each recipient.  


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