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NewsThursday October 15th, 2020

Meet Instagram Reels, TikTok’s New Competitor!

While TikTok is still in controversy in the US, Instagram took a quick step by launching the new feature, Reels. Instagram Reels is said to be a strong TikTok competitor. In terms of features and functions, Instagram Reels is not much different from TikTok. Reels is built on Instagram. So, Instagram users can join the fun with TikTok-like videos without having to download any other app. 

With Reels, users can upload fun 15 seconds length of videos. Unlike Instagram Stories, you can access video editing features, such as effects, speed control, filters, and more. You can also add audio or track to your recordings. It might be safe to say that Reels is a copy of TikTok. Once uploaded, the video will appear on the profile page like the IGTV video. 

The Main Feature of Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels’ main feature is to easily build an account. If you aim to become an Instagram celebrity or influencer, Reels can help you gain popularity. Why? It is because the 15-seconds video you posted will appear in Feed and Explore. 

Videos that appeared in Feed can be accessed by followers. However, videos in Explore will reach a wider audience. A bigger community, even when they are not your followers can watch your video. Therefore your chances of getting famous are increased. However, to enjoy this, make sure to set the Instagram account to the Public.

And then, users can also share your videos in Direct Message and Instagram Stories. If you make a really good video, don’t be surprised if you get many share post. Unfortunately, Reels is not yet available in Indonesia. We just pray that Reels can reach Indonesia soon. 


Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

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