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NewsWednesday January 6th, 2021

Using Influencer Marketing to Reap Profits!

Influencer marketing is a marketing strategy by leveraging the power of social media influencers/celebrities. These social media celeb are included YouTubers, bloggers, vloggers, and Instagram celebrities with thousands to millions of followers in their social media accounts. Meanwhile, HireInfluence defines influencer marketing as a form of marketing where the company recruit influencers to promote their brand through their social media accounts. 

The concept is far different from the traditional marketing concept. Now, you don’t have to be the celebrities on TVs to be able to promote products or services. If you have active social media accounts with millions of loyal followers, you will be able to become a social media celebrity and eligible to promote products or endorsements.

Influencers will promote, endorse, or review products and services from clients in their own social media accounts. Influencers can help brands to raise brand awareness, engagement, and reap conversion with an astonishing amount of sales! even stated that influencer marketing can even help to reap profit up to eleven times from the budget set.

Do you know the reason why influencer marketing is much more effective than digital advertising?


Influencer Marketing Promises Conversion That Rests on Trust and Loyalty 

Compare to other marketing strategies, how effective the influencer marketing is? If we look further, influencer marketing is like an evolution of the mouth to mouth ads. Considering the crisis on current digital advertising, mouth to mouth ads may be more relevant to the current conditions in society.

One of the causes of the crisis is the AdBlock installed by users on their mobile and desktop devices. Thus, digital advertising now is less effective in promoting a brand. Before the message delivered, Adblock has blocked your ads. It means that the ad will never reach the users’ devices.

However, the case is different with mouth to mouth ads. According to research from Nielsen, 92% of customers will likely make purchases based on recommendations, suggestions, or reviews from family, friends, and someone they trust.

But where can we put influencers in this case? Well, influencers are included in someone we can trust. Instead of buying things randomly on the internet, people may prefer to buy products endorsed by influencers you follow or admire, isn’t it? Therefore, an influencer marketing strategy that relies on trust and loyalty is considered to be more effective.

Moreover, if you follow a micro-influencer or influencers with middle-class followers, but experts in a certain field. This influencer will inspire or influence their followers to buy a product and/or services.

Influencers that are experts in certain fields must have been trying the products and/or services so that their reviews can be more reliable and honest. If you follow their routines, you may be buy products they’re suggesting on their page. Another interesting fact is, micro-influencers can make bigger conversion than the one promoted by mega influencers.


Examples of Influencer Marketing: Instagram Celebrities and Endorsement 

We may often hear the word Instagram celebrities. Instagram celebrities are those who succeeded in gaining popularity on the Instagram platform. Instagram celebrities are one of the most effective strategies in influencer marketing.

One of the topics that popular in influencer marketing is beauty. Take an example of an influencer and beauty vlogger that are an expert in beauty, Molita Lin.  

Molita Lin reviewing products with her expert skills in makeup, she is honest, and she is detailed. Therefore, she can gain many many many loyal followers. It is no wonder that Molita Lin then worked with Goban Cosmetics to release Molita Lin Goban lipstick.


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With the rise of social media in Indonesia, the opportunity for influencer marketing is getting bigger and bigger. If you don’t know how to pick the right marketing strategies for your business, you can try influencer marketing. If you do it right, maybe you can reap profits to eleven times!

Find the list of influencers in influencer marketing hub or other platforms that is now available on the internet.





Photo by Lukas from Pexels

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