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BlogThursday July 2nd, 2020

Are You Ready for the Industrial Revolution…

While there are still a lot of companies that stammering in adopting computerized strategies and robots from the Industrial Revolution 3.0, the world now has switched to the Industrial Revolution 4.0! 

If your business still struggling in Industrial Revolution 3.0, you might have lost start. Now, you should all out to catch up on what you’ve lost. The technology used in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 is far more sophisticated, where it begins with automation and cyber. 

If you don’t address this problem correctly, your business might be at stake. We don’t want our business to end up the same fate as Kodak or Toys’ R’Us. Both companies are giant companies in their time, but now they must fell to bankruptcy in the hands of digitalization.

If you don’t act quickly, there is no guarantee that your business will not suffer the same fate as them. Therefore, you need to respond swiftly and genuinely to address the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

First, Understand the Concept of the Industrial Revolution 4.0

“Out of sight, out of mind” (tak kenal maka tak sayang) is an Indonesian proverb saying that if you don’t know/understand something/someone then you can’t fall in love. In this case, you need to love the concept of Industrial Revolution 4.0 if you want it to works for you.

If you want to love it then you shall now start to understand what is Industrial Revolution 4.0. Industrial Revolution 4.0 often describes as changes in the way of production massively and in a short time. 

Because of its rapid process, the revolution has a significant impact on social, political, and economic. This mass change is even able to drown the existence of influential companies that failed to adapt to the new ways of production. 

In short history, the industrial revolution began with the use of steam engines in the 18th century (Industrial Revolution 1.0). Followed by the use of electric power (Industrial Revolution 2.0) and computers and robots (Industrial Revolution 3.0). Now, we welcome Industrial Revolution 4.0 which uses a combination of cyber technology and automation or commonly known as the Internet of Things (loT). 

Learn from Giant Corporate Bankruptcy, Industrial Revolution Technology 4.0 is Inevitable!

Kodak, Toys’R’US, and Disc Tarra are small examples of companies that fall at the hands of the Industrial Revolution 3.0. From these three giant companies, we can take valuable lessons that nothing lasts forever in business and technology. At that time, it was very unlikely that these three big companies would step down from the top position. 

Business strategies are always changing and you are required to continue to evolve and innovate. If you want to survive in the Industrial Revolution 4.0, you need to learn to change the perspective that technology is the enemy. 

Instead of thinking technology as enemies, you must start to make peace with technology. That said, if you want to be a winner in the battle of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, technology is the main key. That means you have to start adjusting your business strategy with the Internet of Things (loT). 

Even though it feels unfair, you can’t help but have to build a strong digital transformation foundation during the Industrial Revolution 4.0. The Internet of Things (loT) can be a smart solution to stay afloat and win the market. With a loT, you can create strong and credible connectivity and computing power. 

Hire Skilled IT Experts

We can’t disagree if the coming of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 can cause an increase in unemployment. Later, all repetitive work can be replaced by robots or automation. In other words, only humans with skills specialties that are needed. 

The biggest challenge of any company is to shape highly skilled human resources that can synergize with the digitalization era. Thus, your company will always be alert in the face of the industrial revolution with the existence of a highly skilled team. Maybe this is the biggest homework for companies in Indonesia because the number of excellent resources is very small. 

What if you don’t have IT experts who master the latest technology? 

The number of IT experts who master the latest technology in Indonesia is very limited. Meanwhile, to shape reliable experts can not be done in an instant. We recommend you to use our IT experts who are reliable in their fields. Our team member is experienced in working with clients from Japan, that’s why our services are Japanese-standard. 

Besides that, our headquarter company AsiaQuest Japan has begun to develop the Internet of Things (loT). Later, this service can also be enjoyed in Indonesia. For now, you can consult your goals with our team. Our experts will carry out an analysis and give suggestions on what technology is suitable for your business conditions and goals. We are ready to accompany your journey in adopting digital transformation to business.

Industrial Revolution 4.0
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