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NewsTuesday August 11th, 2020

The COVID-19 Pandemic Accelerates Digital Transformation in…

It has been eight months since the COVID19 pandemic has hit the whole world. In Indonesia, it has been five months since President Joko Widodo announced the first case of COVID19 in early March 2020. Since then, the social and economy in Indonesia has continued to fluctuate as policies keep on changing.

Schools were closed, replaced by studying online at home. Offices now move, from skyscrapers to shelters because of the work from home policy in the hope of stopping coronavirus.

Video call and video conferencing applications suddenly in high demand. The surge in zoom video users has made the CEO to get blessed in disguise. YouTube set a new record number of viewers, Netflix flooded with new subscribers, and suddenly everyone plays the Mobile Legends.

This sudden and drastic change in a relatively short period generates negative and positive opinions. For some parties, dismissing schools and change it to online learning is a setback. The economic downturn is undoubtedly negative for all parties.

However, some see the positive side of the pandemic. President Jokowi, for example, considers the pandemic as an essential momentum to accelerate digital transformation. The pandemic has changed the structure, the way of working, the method of doing activities, the idea of consumption, the way of learning, and the way of transaction. From formerly offline with physical contact, now we are switching to online with a digital platform (

According to a survey by the IMD World Digital Competitiveness in 2019, Indonesia is ranked 56th out of 63 countries. Fort the government, it is quite not an achievement. Therefore, the government is keen to make improvements.

Therefore, President Jokowi and his government officials are paying more attention to the digital transformation process in Indonesian society. Especially during the pandemic, which, according to him, can be used to speed up the process.

Quoted from, president Jokowi put attention to these 5 things below to accelerate the digital transformation in the COVID19 pandemic, namely:

  1. Improve digital infrastructure to expand internet access, such as providing internet services in 12,500 villages/urban areas as well as at public services facilities.
  2. Prepare a road map for digital transformation in strategic sectors, such as government, public services, social aids, education, healthcare, trade, industry, and broadcasting.
  3. Accelerate national data center integration.
  4. Prepare human resources with digital talent. The need for digital expertise is approximately 9 million people for the next 15 years or nearly 600,000 per year.
  5. Prepare regulations, funding schemes, and digital transformation financing.

AsiaQuest Indonesia supports digital transformation in business

AsiaQuest Indonesia, as an IT consulting company, has long supported the digital transformation process for businesses in Indonesia. The company’s vision to lead and inspire digital transformation in Indonesia is in line with the government’s mission to accelerate the digital transformation in Indonesia.

Therefore, it is not an exaggeration if we can be the ideal partner for the digital transformation process in the business you manage. Hundreds of companies have believed us and use our services, whether in the development of websites, web systems, mobile app, digital marketing, etc.

In the future, we want to be an inspiration for everyone in digital transformation. Call us at +62 21-392-5516 for more information about our services. You can also send an email to [email protected] or visit our website at



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