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NewsMonday December 14th, 2020

5 Criteria that Indicates a High Quality…

You have spent months and years build a website but somehow haven’t been able to reap maximum results. Before trying to find a scapegoat, you may want to check the website’s quality. At least, there are 5 criteria to indicate a high-quality website.

Does your website is easy to read? How about the speed? How long does it take to fully load the homepage? Such criteria are important to consider to increase the website quality.  

Let’s check more details on the 5 criteria of a high-quality website. 

(1) Fast Loading Speed! 

If you spend 1 minute waiting for a page to be fully loaded, how can you collect a loyal reader then? Speed or website loading is a vital thing to be considered if you aim to grow users’ loyalty.

Fast speed will allow users to have a better experience on the website. It is different from the low-speed website that tends to make users disappointed and even annoyed for waiting too long. And in the end, they do exits and find other websites. To address this issue, you should consider customizing the website with a user-friendly option.

When you have videos and images on content, it is best to use medium-sized. Bigger photos and videos will take a longer time to load.  


(2) Clean, Simple, and Comfortable Website Appearance 

Website appearance is the first thing that users will see and remember. If you want to build good branding, website appearance is the key. Instead of creating a website full of unnecessary makeup, you may want to focus on the simplicity and comfortability of the users.

These days, a clean, simple, and comfortable website is on-trend. Users tend to like a website that is easy to read instead of a ‘crowded’ website. Ask the designer to consider the UI and UX when designing the website. Consider the navigation is on point or not. 


(3) Responsive Website to Obtain More Users

Do you know that a responsive website is one of the most popular website development of 2020? A responsive website means that the website can respond to various types and sizes of devices.

Users will access the website from various types and sizes of devices, such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, iPhones, etc. If the responsive layout or website appearance can automatically adjust to the size and resolution of the devices, users will have a better user experience when browsing through the website. 


(4) Interesting, High-quality Content

You may be annoyed when finding an article where the title and content are not related. Other users may also get annoyed when finding the same thing. Therefore, don’t ever run for a trend without thinking about how the content will impact the readers.

Make sure the title is relevant to the content to avoid blacklisted by the users. After finding the relevant title, you can focus on the content. Write an article with interesting topics and put important keywords. Thus, Google will likely index your content. To be able to write an article that Google likes, you need to learn SEO.


(5) Say Goodbye to Disturbing Ads

We understand that ads are important for some websites to survive. However, it does not mean placing multiples ads on one page. Instead of getting revenue, users may leave the website. Therefore, pay attention to the ad placement, as well as the ad type.

You can place several types of ads such as Google Adsense, affiliate, or other partnership advertisement programs. Learn the tips and tricks to place effective ads, but not disturbing. Before going further on earning revenue, you may want to think about how the users will get a satisfying user experience.

Understanding the above criteria is important as part of the step-by-step creating high-quality website. If the website quality is on average, you now understand what to do next. Start from speed to the ads placement, have a try now!


Image by Cyber Rabbit from Pixabay


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