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NewsMonday January 18th, 2021

Photo Tagging Tech to Prevent HOAX

HOAX is like a ticking bomb, it slowly brings damage to the peaceful life of humans in an instant. A society that once in a peaceful state, can all of sudden be noisy by the HOAX that spread across the communities. Seeing this phenomenon, a company from the US creates a photo tagging technology specialize to prevent HOAX, it is called the Truepic Vision.

The Truepic Vision photo tagging can help the human in defining the originality of a photo. Thus, people will no longer be fooled by the manipulated photos that look original.

How The Truepic Vision Works?

So how the Truepic Vision works?

It turns out that the photo tagging technology is embedded in the integrated circuit of cellphones that commonly used for fingerprints and face unlock. The tool is sealed electronically which allows us to check the history of photo modification.

Modification detected with this tool including date, hour, pixel, and the location where the photo was taken. It even much cooler as it can detect any other information such as the intensity of lights captured by the lens, and the nuances. All thanks to the technology inside it, we will not be fooled by bad people who spread manipulated photos on the internet and social media.

The technology must be able to answer the users’ concerns. How about privacy? The technology allows other people to scan an image and obtain information. Well, for this matter, let us just wait for further explanation from the developer companies!  




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