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NewsTuesday December 29th, 2020

Why Do We Need to Upgrade Software…

Some of our devices such as laptops and PC might have been with us for more than 5 years. Five years is considered to be the most ideal lifespan of hardware such as laptops, PC, etc.

However, Windows OS might be annoyed by how often the system asks to update the OS. We understand it is a hassle as it usually takes time when processing the update, but you still have to make updates as it’s part of their support for customers. This update is useful for updating the system, fixing errors, or avoiding the latest viruses/malware.

Is there a reason why we should following the schedule of upgrade software and hardware? Here we summarize the reasons why software and hardware should always be upgraded.

Discontinue Support from Vendors/Manufacturers

Not only software, but hardware such as chips and spare parts are also supported by vendors. So, if your device is damaged and is taken to a service center, it can be repaired as the spare parts are available.

It is different for the devices where the vendor has stopped the support, usually, the production of spare parts and software updating service also stops. So, when there is damage or the device becomes slow, get easily overheats, and so on, the service center will not be able to repair it as the vendor is no longer producing the spare parts.

Vulnerable to Security Issues

The software upgrade is not only related to the performance of the device, but also to security. Software is prone to security issues like viruses and malware so vendors are always updating their software to make it more resistant to threats.

Vulnerable to Electrical Problems

Outdated hardware uses old parts. The parts will deteriorate over time that it is prone to causing technical problems, such as electrical problems, power supply, hard disk errors, etc.

Increase the Down-time Duration

When downtime happens, it is possible that the duration will be longer on older devices. The recovery process may take longer as the HW/SW could not be found or was not available for download (the original media might be lost).

Another consequence of the long duration of downtime is the loss of company reputation. In addition, there is a possibility that lost data cannot be recovered.

Inhibiting Digital Transformation

Devices whose specifications are not updated can hinder the digital transformation process. They are unable to run certain services on the cloud, for example, Windows 2003 will not be able to talk to Azure AD.

Also, you will most likely not be able to run the software you need by reason of being incompatible with outdated hardware. 

Apart from the above problems, hardware, and software that are not upgraded also cause other problems such as making it difficult to perform an upgrade in the future, hardware performance and reliability tend to be low, support is not available when troubleshooting, etc.

Then, you may have to save your staff from the frustration from the lack of support for their work productivity.


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