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BlogMonday October 19th, 2020

Take a Peek at Grabfood’s Success Story…

Another story of blessings in disguise, when other businesses are on a critical path due to the COVID19, Grabfood is selling well. Yes, you read that right. Grabfood recorded an increase in transactions during the COVID19 pandemic. So, how does the Grabfood story get to receive blessings during the COVID19?

Grab Analytics Records an Increase in Transactions

According to research conducted by Grab Analytics, Grabfood transactions increased by 4%, and the amount of food ordered in one order increased by 7%. Before the pandemic, Grabfood transactions were dominated by those looking for snacks in the afternoon. 

However, in March 2020, right before the holy month Ramadan, people used Grabfood to buy lunch. The increase in the number of food orders in one order was 9.4%.

Then, when people in other countries stop orders for healthy food, Indonesia records an increase of 7.4% for healthy food orders. However, Indonesian keep their habits for snacking with an increase in the number of snack orders by 15.4%.

Grabfood’s selling point brings blessings to the driver. According to Grab, there was an increase in tip with a total increase of 63% compared to the previous month. 

The number of tipped orders increased by 38% and the amount of tip increased. It seems that during the pandemic, people grow their good deed by more tipping with more money tipped.

Grabfood Smart Move in Making Capital

During the pandemic, the government of Jakarta enforces large scale social restrictions (PSBB), where they strongly advocate for stay at home activities, prohibit gatherings, closing the bustling dining, and a variety of other rules that could potentially result in a crowd.

These rules automatically cause people to lose income. However, Grabfood is smart and very adaptive. They see that people are afraid to leave the house during PSBB, but Grabfood continues to provide service.

Grabfood adjusts quickly to the situation. Customers who order food via Grabfood are given the option to use contactless delivery. The driver can be directed to put food in the place designated by the customer to avoid any contact.

This simple step is important for customers. Providing a sense of security and comfort through Grab’s commitment to minimizing contact to stop the spread of COVID19. 

Besides that, Grabfood changes its promotional narratives. To help the restaurant partners in securing their profit, customers must be assured that the food is safe and hygiene. Grabfood telling customers that the restaurant and driver have implemented the health protocol properly.

The importance of Analysis in Selling

Grab is like any other merchant, what distinguishes them is the technology to keep the business preserve during the hard times. Through its mobile application, Grab collects user data, what they ordered, what food, when did they order, how much was ordered, etc.

The main purpose of collecting the data is to be analyzed. The results of the analysis will be used as material for promotional material. Like the example above, the pandemic increases healthy food orders, then companies can provide more about healthy food.

By providing what customers need, Grab has succeeded in generating profits when other businesses start to stumble. This is the importance of data analytics which is part of BIG Data

So, do you agree now that digital technology can help humans to create a better and more dynamic life? Contact us to know more about the IT and digital world.

Source: Inet Detik

Photo source: Grab food Facebook

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