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NewsThursday November 5th, 2020

Audio Clip Editing Now Available in Google…

All this time, we may often be bothered by ‘additional sounds’ that are recorded in the audio clip. If the recording of an audio clip is for professional needs, the ‘umm’ voice or the coughing sound might reduce the professional impression.

However, now you don’t have to worry about these things anymore. Now that Google has released an update for the voice recorder application (Recorder App) in the Google Pixel 2 and their latest variant of the device, no more hearing annoying sounds on your audio clip.

As quoted by, an update to the Google Recorder App will allow users to select an audio clip from a recording to then share or delete a clip from the larger recording clip.

The cool thing is, this feature also allows users to search for specific words in a transcript of an audio recording, then delete them. So, you can look for certain annoying words, for example, “uh” or “umm” that sometimes come out too much during the interview, then delete those annoying parts.

This new feature can be used offline without being connected to the internet at all. Then, the English transcription feature can also be used offline without the internet. Google announced the Google Recorder App update in a blog that is currently reviewing the Google Pixel 5. Even so, it seems that this update will also be available in other variants of the Google Pixel.


Photo by Daniel Romero on Unsplash

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