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NewsThursday July 16th, 2020

The 6 Google Meet Facts You Need…

The name Google Meet often heard especially now when remote working is everywhere. Other video conference apps might become popular too, but Google Meet still the one apps chosen by most office people in holding online meetings or teleconferences.

Google Meet with their specification alone is enough to cover all your communications needs during the outbreak. We summarized several 6 facts about Google Meet that we think you should know to optimize this video conference apps in your daily use. 

Free Access for everyone 

The main reason why Google Meet is chosen by everyone is for its free of charge! It is 100% free of charge, with no requirement at all. You don’t need to buy a subscription to enjoy the essentials features. How about the video call/conference quality? Well, you cannot doubt the quality of services built by the Google Company, right?

As it is free of charge, you can save subscription money to buy more coffee and chips (maybe)?

Google Meet also easy to operate! Download the app from PlayStore (Android) or AppStore (iOS), log in or sign up to the apps simply can be done login to your Gmail account and enjoy the hassle-free services

Google Meet is to Replace Google Hangouts

Some of you might have noticed that Google also has Google Hangouts. Basically it is the predecessor of the Google Meet. So, Google Hangouts app first, and then Google Meet apps. Both apps serve the same purpose, to facilitate people in communicating with each other via call video.

While now Google Meet gains more popularity, more than Google Hangouts apparently. People might know about Google Meet but rather not familiar with Google Hangouts. Truth be told, Google Meet is to replace Google Hangouts. Google Meet is way cooler apps with several cooler features

A Customizable Interface

While Google Meet’s popularity is still far below Zoom, Google Meet has cool features, it lies in the customizable interface. Users can change the layout and position during a video call or conference. This feature might be so basic but still, it might be the simple thing we need.

Google Meet consider being more user-friendly than its predecessor for the hassle-free operation without any disruptive additional features. Maybe this is the meaning of the power lies in its simplicity. Apparently, Google Company is focusing on functionality rather than beauty when developing the Google Meet.

Need to Hold a Large Group Video Conference? Do it with Google Meet

Do you often need to hold a video conference for a large group of people? For these special needs, Google Meet offers subscription packages. There are 3 premium packages available based on the number of people to attend the conference meeting. Check the detail packages below:

  1. G Basic Suite: up to 100 users with subscription fee 6 US dollars per month; 
  2. G Suite Business: up to 150 users with subscription fee 12 US dollars per month; 
  3. G Suite Enterprise: up to 250 users with a subscription fee of 25 US dollars per month. 

The three packages are available suited to your business needs. Special for G Suite Enterprise, you can record the video conference and save the video file in Google Drive for free. 

No Missed Meetings, Save Your Meetings in Google Calendar

One of the perks by using Google products is that their services apps are integrated with each other. For Google Meet, you can now be relieved for a little chance of missing meetings since you can save all your meetings in Google Calendar and create a reminder. Check the reminder on Google Calendar, and directly join the meeting by clicking the link meeting on Google Calendar. 

Safer from The Uninvited Guests

Every guest who requests to join the video conference in Google Meet must meet certain criteria. For example, the guest must have a Gmail account and log in, guests also must be added to the meeting agenda in Google Calendar by the host meeting. 

You cannot enter the meeting room without approval from the host. In this way, the video conference in Google Meet is much safer from the uninvited guest because the host will control the meeting. 

Lastly, Google Meet can be used in Desktop and Mobile. Whether you work remotely from home or outside the home, you can join the meeting using a smartphone. To know more about the detail feature, download the app in Play Store and App Store. To join meeting via desktop browsers, visit link!

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