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NewsThursday July 8th, 2021

Google Ads, Definition and Benefit

Since its first launch, Google Ads has helped so many businesses and organizations perfect their marketing strategies. Even so, do you have an idea what is Google Ads? If you haven’t been in touch with it yet, don’t worry, it’s better to start late than never. So, let us understand what is the definition of Google Ads and its function in online advertising.

The Definition of Google Ads

Google Ads, or also known as Google Adwords, is an advertising program that allows advertisers to show information and/or link to the advertisers’ site. This information and links will be displayed on Google Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP).

Take a look at an example below where we put the keyword ‘web developer Jakarta’ on Google Search Engine.

In the above image, the links marked with small [Ad] are Google Ads sponsored content. These ads usually appear at the very top of the search, although sometimes they appear at the bottom.

Google Ads is indeed charged a cost for their powerful services. Google Ads uses a pay-per-click advertising model, which means that advertisers are required to pay according to the price and number of clicks on every ad displayed.

So, suppose we set an advertising budget of Rp. 100,000 per day, while the rate for every click is Rp. 1,000, then when we reach 100 clicks, the budget that we install is over.

The Benefit of Google Ads

Google Ads is now very commonly used by digital marketers for various purposes, whether it’s increasing the number of visitors to the company’s website or increasing sales. Not a few make Google Ads a mainstay method to support online business success. Below we include the functions and benefits of Google Ads:

(1) Advertise with a Specific Target Audience

Google Ads is reliable enough when we use it to capture leads from a more specific audience. This is due to the various types of the matrix that are available to create a more targeted audience campaign. Therefore, suppose advertisers can plan and execute campaigns properly, the chance of success is getting bigger.

For example, in the moment of Eid al Fitr, there usually be a surge in canned biscuits. Advertisers can use this moment to optimize the campaign with the keyword ‘biskuit kaleng (canned biscuits)’. Google even put a ‘shopping’ tab to specifically display eCommerce products. Take a look at the following image.

(2) Flexible Advertising

Start-up companies, growing companies, and large companies have all relies on Google Ads to support their business. Google Ads is flexible to use due to its compatibility with daily use software such as Microsoft Excel.

This flexibility applies not only to software but also to the cost. Google Ads allows the advertisers to set the daily budget for ads. Even more so, the budget spends for a keyword can be adjusted its minimum and maximum limit. Therefore, advertisers can set a reasonable budget for ads with a maximum return on investment.

(3) Maximum ROI

ROI (return on investment) is an important factor in digital marketing. It is every digital marketing target to reach as many as a return of investment. The good news is that with Google Ads, ROI can be optimized through a data analysis provided by Google Ads.

Therefore, every digital marketer is suggested to make an experiment and data analysis. Find a campaign that gives the biggest ROI and stop the unbenefited campaign. Thus, the budget for advertising can be used effectively to reach maximum ROI.

(4) Understand the Audience

The target audience, as the main target for the campaign, must get more attention. Therefore, it is important to know various data related to the target audience that covers age, gender, location, hobby, likes, anything people look for and like, and many other things.

In the past, the company distributes a random questionnaire to be filled out by the internet to find out in more detail what people are looking for at the current time or in the future. The problem is, the current questionnaire method is outdated and takes time, money, and effort.

Unlike Google Ads, which automatically and continuously collects internet user data. This data can be used by advertisers to optimize keywords.

So, have you ever use Google Ads?

Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

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