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NewsWednesday October 28th, 2020

Learn from The Success of Google in…

The two giant technology corporation, Apple and Google, has proven to achieve success with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The two companies use AI to meet the users’ demands and the dynamic world. Apple uses AI for Siri on the iPhone. While Alphabet Inc uses AI to bring perfection to Google’s search engine.

However, their success is not an instant journey. There is a price to pay to be able to stand in the top positions like today. Therefore, it is important for us to learn something from their success, especially for everyone who is now in a fight to build a digital startup. So, what can we learn from Google? Let’s check it down below.


Google Invest in AI since the Early Days

Time is the most precious thing in the digital world. A company can achieve success because they can use the time precisely. In simple, a company can achieve success if they can offer innovation in technology before others do.

And this is what Google did. They don’t waste time and focus on research and development of AI since the early days. According to, Alphabet Inc did focus their work on AI since 1998 and the beginning of 2000. They invested their time and energy in two things, computing power and AI.

Try to compare them with companies that until now, still struggling to find out whether to adopt AI or not. These companies are certainly get left behind by Google or other AI developer companies. When these companies keep on putting off the digital transformation, Google makes its moves to reach their ambitious dreams.

In the early days, they focused on “Extracting patterns and relations from the world wide web (WWW)”. However, at the beginning of 2000, they focused on “searching the web by voice”. Until then, Google established Alphabet Inc in 2015 as a parent company for the AI business. 

Expanding the AI Business through Alphabet Inc.,

In their journey, Alphabet Inc expands its business network by aiming at various sectors. These sectors include healthcare, government, conductors, consumer electronics, semiconductor, and auto. 

With the major expansion moves, Google that previously focuses only on search engine business has now turn into a global AI vendor with valuable assets of up to 800 billion dollars! Seeing this success, James Somers from The New York said that actually, Google is an AI company that tries to camouflage into a search engine company.

In other words, Google is an AI developer company that is extremely successful in this era! One thing we can learn from Google is that they are not afraid to innovate and invest in new technology. In the past, AI still strange words and unacceptable by companies. But, Google is brave enough to invest in research and development until it can be successful today.




 Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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