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NewsFriday September 11th, 2020

Find Free Images with Google Images

Do you want to find free images without the possibility of dealing with copyright issues in the future? The good news is, now Google has released the Google Images, a new feature that enables you to find free images easily with a badge thumbnail ‘licensable’ or ‘license’. With this badge, you can use a photo and add the license information.

Why it is such an important matter? Well at some point, we often find images without clear license information on Google Images. When we want to use any images or a photo, we face a dilemma since we don’t find any helpful information regarding the license. Fortunately, these situations would likely to disappear now with a thumbnail badge ‘licensable’ stick on an images/photo on Google Images.

If you click the thumbnail, Google will redirect you to the license information and how to use it. So, now users can give proper license information without having to harm anyone.

Owner and User are Equally at No Loss

This feature is equally beneficial for both users and owners of the pictures/images/photo. Image owners can be relieved without the fear of losing images. Besides that, allowing users to use our images can help you to get the attention of public users.

On the other side, users can take benefit from free images without worrying about the license or copyright. Later, users will only need to put the copyright information, image owner, license, link, and so on. You can freely adjust the use based on each image’s terms and conditions.

Then, users can also set filters when searching for images in Google Images, based on image types. Google Images provide three types of image filters such as All, Creative Common License, Commercial License, and so on.

If you look for free images, set the filter to Creative Common License. However, you will still need to put license information. When you look for images for commercial purposes, set the filter to commercial license and others.

How to Filter Search Google Images?

  1. Visit Google Images page
  2. Click on the menu ‘setting’ and choose ‘advanced search’
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find ‘usage rights’
  4. You can select the license type and click the Advanced Search button.
  5. Google Images search result will match with the license type selected. 

Google develop this feature to increase users’ sense of responsibility. When we surf the internet, we are not 100% free to use the information. There are several terms and conditions we need to pay attention to when using images from the internet.


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