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NewsThursday July 16th, 2020

Gojek Closes GoLife and Layoffs Its Employees…

Again, the COVID19 outbreak has taken down companies. This time, Gojek announces to close its one services, GoLife, as an impact of the COVID19 outbreak. This shut down impacted in termination of their 430 employees. As quoted from, Co-CEO Gojek, Kevin Aluwi, deliver his apology to the shut down of GoLife services. Kevin also deliver his gratitude to all of the employees who get laid off for their contribution during employment in Gojek.

Why Gojek to Shut Down GoLife?

GoLife is part of the Gojek super app dream. GoLife created to provide lifestyle services such as GoMassage (massage service) and GoGlean (cleaning service). Before the COVID19 outbreak, both services quite popular to help the busy urban society in finding massage and cleaning services easily and practical.

These conditions have turned 360 degrees since the COVID19 outbreak.  GoLife and GoMassage suddenly had no customers. Both services need close contact with customers and therefore it is forbidden as the government advises physical distancing.

The society now also develop a new habit that is more contactless to prevent coronavirus from spreading. People now spend most of their time at home that the need for cleaning services is decreasing. For this reason, GoLife continued to lose its customers since the COVID19 outbreak.

It doesn’t take long for the company to evaluate and decided to shut down GoLife. If you happened to have a subscription in GoLife, you can still use this service until July 27, 2020. 

Aside from shutting down GoLife, Gojek also had to shut down GoFoodFestival for the same reason. The GoFoodFestival is also risky since its potential in creating crowds that are forbidden by the government.

What Can We Do to Restore The Sluggish Economy? 

Businesses that need to go through hard times by closing their services due to the COVID19 outbreak is a sad story too for their employees. This is not the first time that a company needs to lay off thousands of workers to keep their business stand during the COVID19 outbreak. Then, as an ordinary citizen, what can we do to help our national economy?

We cannot wish to become a national hero by saving the national economy. But rather than trying to be a national hero, it is enough for us to maintain our safety and healthiness by following the health protocols set by the officials. Hopefully, the curve will flatten and the pandemic will be ended soon.

We can also be productive by doing our regular activities during the COVID19 outbreak, of course with the new normal rules. In that way, we keep the wheels spinning and give life to thousands of people. maybe this is the simplest way to help restore the economy.

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