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NewsMonday January 4th, 2021

What You Need to Know About Gojek…

Gojek is now updating its mobile app with sophisticated technology called Gojek Shield. The Gojek Shield is a cutting-edge security innovation intended for motorcycle taxi customers (go-ride) and motorcycle taxi drivers (go-ride drivers/ojek drivers).

Gojek Shield uses machine learning and artificial intelligence. Both technologies had been proven effective in improving security in the virtual world. 

Gojek collaborates with SHIELD, a company experienced in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Shield products have been used by various major application vendors in Indonesia such as OVO, Razer, Alibaba, ibotta, PayMaya, etc.

With Gojek Shield, Gojek tries to improve the security of its application to protect drivers and customers. The security services served by the Gojek Shield include:

1. Caller ID Spoofing

This innovation provides more security for ojek drivers and customers. The customer and driver’s phone numbers will be anonymous to protect the privacy of both during the trip. Gojek recommends both customers and drivers to always communicate using the application.

2. Face and fingerprint verification

Face and fingerprint verification will ensure that the ojek driver is a legitimate Gojek driver account owner. This verification will not allow anybody else to use the Gojek driver account. Customers will no longer find a driver whose face is different from the driver who arrived at the location.

3. Fictional Order Reporting

In the past, the company and the drivers are in pain for the many fictitious order they received. Apart from financial loss, the company and the drivers lose their time and energy. Now, Gojek through Gojek Shield has increased the security of its application, especially to tackle the fictitious order issues.

Now, the drivers can be relieved because the fictitious orders can be reduced. Gojek Shield allows them to put direct reports via the Gojek app without the need to call Gojek Customer Service to report incoming fictitious orders. 

Gojek Shield, with machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, will automatically block fictional orders in less than 2 minutes after a fictitious order report is made via the application.

4. Illegal Device Detection

Gojek always prohibits the use of illegal devices such as Fake GPS and Mod App (modified applications). The good news is Gojek Shield’s machine learning and artificial intelligence technology can automatically detect fraud from using illegal devices.

This technology will increase the sense of security for drivers and increase customer trust in the driver.


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