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BlogMonday October 26th, 2020

Singapore to Track Travelers with Smartband

The COVID19 pandemic has forced various countries to close their doors to travelers. As a result of closing the border, the world of tourism in various countries has slumped into the deepest abyss. Meanwhile, the economy will not fully recover if tourism has not been opened.

Singapore’s success in tackling the COVID19 outbreak in its country is through rigorous mass testing and tracking. Strict and fast-tracking will make it easier for the government to immediately isolate those who have contracted the virus and break the chain of spread.

Allowing Visitors to Enter with Self-Quarantine Policy

Singapore has proven its success in the effort to combat COVID19. Now, it is time to improve the slumping economic condition by opening the door for travelers, migrants, workers, and citizens who have been detained in other countries due to the border closing.

Singapore, which also relies on tourism, implemented a new policy of allowing tourists to enter but with strict restrictions. They will “force” travelers to wear smart bracelets so that the government can easily track them down.

Singapore has implemented a new system of quarantine for anyone who enters its territory. Every visitor is required to carry out self-quarantine without having to stay in special facilities. Migrants are free to choose where to quarantine, but reporting to the Singapore immigration department is mandatory.

Use Technology to Monitor the Self-Quarantine

For this, the Singapore government has provided a smart bracelet that must be worn during the 14-day of quarantine. Each entrant will receive a wristband similar to a smartwatch or smart band, as well as a gateway device as a link.

This smart bracelet is equipped with GPS and must be worn at all times during the quarantine. Users don’t need to worry because the government ensures that there is no sound or video recording while tracking. 

In addition, users’ personal data (GPS) is encrypted and can only be accessed by government officials. The data will also only be used for monitoring and investigative purposes (when required).

Two Types of Devices to Track Visitors

These tracking devices are of two types, namely the devices belonging to MOM (Singapore Ministry of Manpower) and ICA (Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority). The MOM and ICA tools have the same working system. 

The ICA device will track the user over a radius between GPS and Bluetooth of both devices. Meanwhile, MOM will track GPS and 4G networks. When a user leaves their quarantine location beyond a certain radius, the device will automatically notify the authorities of a quarantine violation.

Sanctions for Violators of Quarantine

Migrants violating quarantine will be subject to a fine of SGD10,000 and a prison sentence of up to six months. In addition, quarantine violators will be subject to further sanctions in the form of cutting the validity of both their residency and work permits in Singapore.

Migrants who forcibly remove the device before the quarantine period ends will also be subject to sanctions. 

Each visitor can only travel when they are going to do a swab test COVID19. Swab tests are carried out before the quarantine period ends. Outside these conditions, migrants must remain at home or at their quarantine location.


Photo by Victor He on Unsplash

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