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NewsFriday October 16th, 2020

5 Benefits of Gaming

Seeing everything from its good points brings us more value, and by everything, we include gaming. All these times, some people seem to relate gaming with negative activity. While actually, gaming can bring us positivity if we want to see it from another side of view. We’ve listed 5 good points of gaming so that you can tell other people who think it is bad.

What good things do we get from gaming?


1. Train creativity from the right side brain

Gaming is like killing two birds with one stone. With gaming, you can have fun while training the creative brain, the right side brain. The right brain is associate with creativity and innovation. Gaming can enhance this ability as you will use it to create a gaming strategy.


2. Enhance Networking 

How does it feel to have friends with the same hobby? You certainly can make new friends from gaming. If once, you have an uneasy gaming experience, you can discuss the problems with other gamers. With this, you will make new friends from the gaming circle.


3. Improve English Speaking Skills

If your kids like to play games, don’t be too hard on them. Gaming can improve their English Speaking skills because most games use English as the main language. Therefore, if kids want a game too much, they will try to learn English. In other words, games can be a means to learn English for kids. 


4. Relieving from Stress 

Many gamers said that gaming is relieving from stress. After working all day, gaming can help you to release all that stress. For a while, you won’t have to think about your duties and routines. After playing games, feel the brain refreshed. 


5. Improves Teamwork 

Aside from choosing a single-player game, why don’t choose multiplayer games? From multiplayer games, we can learn to improve teamwork ability. To win the battle, team members must work together to find solutions and formulate strategies. Thus, you can improve your teamwork ability.

After knowing the 5 benefits of gaming, now you can have a good excuse to keep on doing this hobby. If you do your hobby right, the game can earn you revenues from tournaments. 



Photo by Igor Karimov on Unsplash

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