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NewsFriday September 11th, 2020

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G, Cheapest 5G Smartphone…

In the future, 5G smartphones will not exclusively available only to the high class. The Korean famous mobile phone manufacturers, Samsung, presents the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G which is said to be the cheapest 5G smartphone in its class. The Samsung Galaxy A42 5G is a middle-class phone series that will be sold in November at a price of around Rp. 6 million. 

Even though the price is considered to be cheap for a 5G smartphone, the manufacturers provide several high-end features. These features, for example, a 6.6-inch OLED screen with a quad camera on the back of the phone. To give a sense of elegance, they pack the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G with a black body. 

When other 5G smartphones are out from the middle-class income to reach, the Galaxy A42 5G is exceptional. Right now, the 5G smartphones usually sold above 7 million rupiahs, it is quite expensive. But the Galaxy A42 5G sold around 6 million rupiahs. However, it is uncertain when this Galaxy A42 enter the Indonesian market. 

Samsung will also release the Galaxy Tab 7 and the Wireless Charger Trio.

In addition to the Galaxy A42 5G, Samsung will also release another two products this year. First, Samsung will release a 10.4-inch tablet, the Galaxy Tab7. Even though the price has not been released yet, rumor has said that this tablet costs a lot less than the Samsung Tab S7. 

And then, Samsung also plans to rock the world with a wireless charger that can be used to charge multiple devices at once. The product is the advancement of the Wireless Charger Duo and is called the Wireless Charger Trio. with Wireless Charger Trio, you only need to carry one charger to charge three types of gadgets. 

Those are the three Samsung products that will join the gadget competition by the end of 2020. Even when the economy is slowing down due to the pandemic, gadgets production will continue. This is related to changes in people’s lifestyles from offline to online. Therefore, the need for gadgets will never subside. 



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