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NewsTuesday October 13th, 2020

Get Acquainted with the Front-End Developer

At first glance, we see the website from the outside without ever seeing the people working behind the scenes. We must know that an attractive and good website is the work of several people with different skills. 

One of the talented people that play a role in making the website look attractive is a front-end developer. What is a front end developer? We’ll get to know this job closely. We have summarized it in a special interview with the Lead Front End Developer at AsiaQuest Indonesia, Dwi Iswanto.

Dwi-san has been in the world of Front End development since 2013, which means he has been around in the professional front end development for 7 years. He told us that his big role in the company’s front end development now is started with his interest in graphic design. 

“At first, when I’m in college, I liked the graphic design. Then, in the early days of my career, I worked as a web developer, I became interested in the Front End development because in the front end I can explore everything related layout/design of a website. ” Dwi-san explained.

Dwi san original story of how his hobby in graphic design can lead him to his future professional career is a valuable story. In the world of web development, graphic design is a division. Graphic design and front end are closely related.

“With graphic design, it is closely related, it is how do we implement the website design into code,” Dwi-san added.

What is Front-End?

Front End, in my opinion, is a division in website programming that is responsible for the layout or appearance of a website. It is to turn the website design into website code. ” Dwi-san replied.

To become a front-end developer, someone must possess hard skills and soft skills. According to Dwi-san, the hard skills that a front-end developer must have is relatively broad, however, there are some basic skills to be mastered, for example, HTML, CSS, Javascript.

A front-end developer is also required to have soft skills, such as working in teams (according to Dwi san, it is a liabilities). “Apart from that, they must have a taste of design too,” Dwi-san explained.

Any Difficulties in Being a Front-end Developer?

Every job certainly has its difficulties, as well as a front end developer who also faces difficulties while working. According to Dwi-san, a front-end developer might find it difficult when facing the latest technology.

“So every year or even every 6 months there will be the latest technology related to Web Developers (especially Front End), as a Front End we must also be ready to grow by following the latest trends on technology,” added Dwi-san.

Then, it can be said that we cannot be lazy if we wish to be a successful front-end developer. We must continue to learn and adapt to the latest technology that is trending in the programming world.

“Yes, apart from that, from a technical perspective, we might find it difficult when facing custom animation and JS, so sometimes there are designs or client requests that require unique animation. Usually, the FE team will have a discussion first regarding the work of custom animations. what method do you want to use in the process. ” he continued.

Any Impressive Memories for 7 Years as a Front-End Developer?

Dwi-san has been around the world of front-end development for 7 years, he must now have a lot of experience. He shared his impression by seven years of working in the professional world as a front-end developer.

“The website development from year to year is so fast, if the front-end developer does not grow themselves by following the latest technological developments, they will be left behind,” said Dwi-san.

Then, for every front-end developer who tries to climb up his professional career, he shared his tips below.

“Try to explore skills and abilities because as we keep on practicing code, we will improve our quality and the result,” he said.

So, that’s a glimpse of a front-end developer. Hopefully, the information above helps those of you who are interested in becoming a front-end developer. Check out our career page for the latest job vacancies at AsiaQuest Indonesia.

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