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NewsWednesday December 16th, 2020

10 Skills Required to Become a Front…

Front end developer is not a type of position that can be easily achieved. There are at least 10 skills required to become a front end developer. Obtaining these 10 skills will increase your confidence when walking to the interview rooms and out with your dream salary offer.

A salary offer may be one of the many reasons to obtain the skills required to become a front-end developer, isn’t it? For details, let’s take a look at 10 skills required to become a front end developer.


(1) Mastering CSS dan HTML 

Mastering the programming language required to be a front-end developer is basic. And for front end developer, the programming language specifically required is HTML and CSS. How important are these two?

As stated in, you cannot place an image on a page without HTML. Besides that, without mastering HTML and CSS, it is impossible to create a website design. Now, you know why HTML and CSS are vital in website development, aren’t you?  


(2) Javascript (JS) is a must! 

Javascript (JS) is the second skill that is vital and must be required by every front end developer. JS is responsible to add tons of functions to a website. If you want to look closer at how Javascript work, visit Pinterest.

When you click on pin (on Pinterest), the page will not reload (an ordinary website will reload). In practice, Javascript is used when you want to add extensions and plugins, such as interactive movies, games, and real-time maps!


(3) JQuery, to find Extension and Ready to Use Plugin

JQuery and Javascript are two things that can’t be separated. JQuery is a Javascript library in which the function is to create an easy process of web development by using Javascript. You will find various extensions and plugins in JQuery.

Instead of build everything from scratch, you can use JQuery to add elements that are ready to use, which allows you to have an instant web development process. There might be needed a few adjustments according to the needs of the website you’ve been being creating.


(4) Front End Framework Familiarity

When you browse to a front end developer vacancy, sometimes they required the candidate to be ‘familiar with front end framework’. Front end framework, especially bootstrap, is used to smoothen the coding process of CSS.

The front-end framework is also ready to use so it can be applied to various projects with a little modification. Thus, developers will never need to build a project from scratch, but, instead, they can bypass it with the help of a front-end framework.


(5) Capable in Designing Responsive Website and Mobile Apps

Responsive website dan mobile is the current trend on website development, especially during 2020. A lot of users have moved from desktop to mobile. Therefore, website development with responsive design and mobile is in high demand.

Responsive design allows the website appearance to adjust automatically with the screen and resolution of the device. The responsive design will bring more comfortable access for users regardless of the type of devices they used.

If you are unclear with the responsive design, compare the desktop and mobile view (i). A landscape photo on the desktop will change to portrait in mobile view, adjusted to the size of the screen. This is the simplest way to explain how a responsive website works.


(6) Expert in Debugging and Testing

The bug is a common issue face by front end developers. Therefore, skills in handling bugs are needed. If the bug is found, a front-end developer has to eliminate all bugs according to the method established by the company. 

Aside from debugging, a front-end developer also required to master various types of testing such as browser testing and unit testing. Browsing testing required to check whether the website can run on various browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Safari. When doing testing, you can see the process of how users access the website. 


(7) Mastering Git for Version Control System Management

If you make a mistake while coding, the version control system can be a savior. The version control system serves to help you track every change made. If you make a mistake, you can go back to the previous version. So, your coding will not go away for nothing.

With such a good function, front-end developers who are skilled in manage the version control system are having a bigger chance to be recruited! And, if you also skilled in Git skills to manage the version control system.


(8) Problem Solver

Someone with excellent problem-solving skills would definitely be the target by recruiters! This skill is an innate talent that can not be shared by everyone. 

When a group of people, each of them are given an issue, each of them will offer different types of solutions. However, the solution offered better be effective and the best of they can get from you.  

There are various issues that associate with the front end, for example, to find the best way to implement the design, front end, and back end coding collaboration, and several other issues. Is this challenging enough for you?


(9) Taste of Design

As we cite from AQI lead front end developer, Dwi Iswanto, it is better for a front end developer to have a taste of design. The taste of design will be a plus in the eye of recruiters. This skill is needed as it will take effect in the end result. So, we can say that front-end developer is not the work of copying a textbook, but it requires creativity and innovation in working.

To master this skill, a front-end developer must learn a lot about UI and UX. In the future, this skill will help to evaluate whether a website’s appearance is eye-catching or not.


(10) Mastering CMS

With so many competitors, find loopholes for success by mastering content management system (CMS). Although not all digital companies set these criteria, you can use this skill to register with companies that focus on CMS, for example, an e-commerce platform. As additional information, some of the most popular CMS in the world, for example, WordPress, Magento, Drupal, and Joomla.

So that’s it the 10 skills required to become a front end developer. It might be a lot of skill to require but it is worth especially with the reward offered. These 10 skills weren’t meant to be master in a short time, however, you can unlock these skills one by one. Happy learning everyone! Just like Robert T. Kiyosaki said ‘You become what you study’, do you agree?



Photo by Arif Riyanto on Unsplash


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