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NewsMonday December 7th, 2020

Stress Measuring Apps from Ministry of Health

COVID19 pandemic has brought an impact not only on the global economy but also on the mental health of the world’s population. With the COVID19 pandemic going on and on without any signs of slowing down, the mental health of the global population is at stake. Anxiety, suicide, unemployment, debts, and many other issues are ghosting every people in the world due to the pandemic. However, is there any way we can survive these mental health issues?

One small thing, it is simple but helpful, maybe is to regularly check the level of stress. And thanks to technology, measuring the level of stress is now the work of everyone especially with the existence of stress measuring apps from the Indonesian Ministry of Health. The apps called Sehat Jiwa and are available for free.

Sehat Jiwa app is the work between the Indonesian Ministry of Health in collaboration with WHO and was released on Mental Health Day in 2015. Although it has been around us since 5 years ago, this apps is still relevant to be used today all thanks to the features upgrade by the Ministry of Health.

The Benefit of Stress Measuring Apps Sehat Jiwa

Sehat Jiwa app is developed to measure the mental health level of someone. To understand what state is mental health, the app will provide a questionnaire and you will need to answer each question.

The app will analyze your answer, process it, and brings the result. If the system shows an indication of mental health issues, you can visit healthcare facilities nearby to get a further examination.

The geotagging feature in the app will also provide information about healthcare facilities nearby, especially the one that provides mental healthcare units.  On the commemoration of Mental Health Day 2020, the Ministry of Health launched a new feature in the app, allowing users to do Tele counseling with psychiatrists and psychologists.

The development of the Sehat Jiwa app is in line with The Ministry of Health mission, it is to suppress the number of suicide cases in Indonesia. So far, there have been many cases of mental health that have not been handled due to the lack of knowledge. When it is handled, it has been too late.

It is expected that the Sehat Jiwa app can prevent premature death due to suicide. What is the correlation between the Sehat Jiwa app and the suicidal cases? It is because suicidal cases are closely related to mental health issues.

Unfortunately, mental health issues are not easy to detect. The condition is far beyond bad especially when knowing that many Indonesian are lack knowledge about mental health issues. However, the Ministry of Health has done a good thing by releasing the Sehat Jiwa app. Aside from measuring the level of stress, users can dig a lot of information about mental health through the app.

With such a noble and generous benefit, why don’t we try the Sehat Jiwa app?



Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash



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