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NewsThursday April 8th, 2021

4 Ways to Increase Followers in Clubhouse

After successfully getting an invitation to the Clubhouse app, you may now be growing new ambition, “how can I increase followers in Clubhouse?” Seeing how exclusive the Clubhouse membership is, people are in competition to gain followers. Being popular at Clubhouse gives you access to various privileges, such as being noticed by famous figures, being invited to exclusive events, and may as well brings you into the circle of the sultans. 

Seeing the privileges of being popular at the Clubhouse, we assure you that to be one of them is tempting. And for that, we have summarized various tips to increase followers at the Clubhouse app without having to pissed other people off. Instead of creating a bad sensation for the sake of going viral, let’s take a look at the following ‘friendly’ ways to increase followers at the Clubhouse app.


(1) Don’t Just Be the Ordinary, Perfecting Your Account and Be the Extraordinary

As with face-to-face meetings, online account profiles must also leave a deep impression.  Research says that you only have three seconds to “attract” followers to follow your account, so make sure to create an online profile that catches the attention of users! In that case, in what area you can make improvements to attract users?

First, provide information that can answer user curiosity, such as personal info, jobs, and skills. The hope is, they know what benefits they will get when they see your profile. After creating attractive personal info, choose an attractive profile picture, show your gorgeous face, and if you can, make sure to use the bold background to make your photo stand out. 

And, don’t forget to include a piece of contact information so people will be easy to contact you. Contact information also opens opportunities for collaboration and/or business cooperation. 


(2) Make a Clubhouse Debut!

When you’re done managing profiles, now it’s time to dive right into the real world of Clubhouse. You can join the popular room and take benefit from it, such as the opportunity to “lure” other users in the trending room.

Try to raise a hand and take advantage of this moment for self-promotion by giving a weighty opinion. If your opinion is weighty enough, other room participants may notice you and, who knows, they will follow your account. 


(3) Find Out Hit Topics 

Just like the content creator, conduct all-out research to find the hottest topics. Look for popular topics that match your interests and expertise. This kind of information can be used as a reference for creating your own room someday. That way, you can open a room with confidence because many people are interested in the topics. 

How do you search for topics that attract users’ interest? Well, explore in an open room and see the enthusiasm of the participants in each room. Find out why the room is popular and also check the contents. You can also choose an interest that suits your abilities and see what the app suggests to you. 


(4) Create Your Own Room! 

If you often joined other people’s rooms and researched topics, you’re ready to create your own room. Make sure to create a unique and interesting topic. You also need to master the topics so that other participants will feel like they will get something good from your room. 

If possible, invite famous figures or Clubhouse influencers to your room to attract more users. With the presence of these well-known figures, you can drive fame to your room. However, don’t forget that the most important thing is the content. If the content is outstanding, users may want to join your next room. 

After you practice the above tips, you may earn followers. It is the right moment for every Clubhouse user to build a brand because currently, the membership of Clubhouse is very limited, which means that your chance to be popular is even greater! 




Photo by Nathana Rebouças on Unsplash


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